Embarrassingly Strange Dreams

I have a whole post coming up soon about my poor sleep habits (with some musings that will lead to my thinking that I might have some kind of disorder, in typical pre-med / psychology major fashion).

I slept through my first hour of work and also through my hour of lunch break.

During this lunch break, I had a freaky-deaky dream.

It starts with Watson inviting me along to see some kind of really cool engineering thing. I’m not sure why I go, because we have to go to New York City, and that means a 4 hour bus ride. I have places to be in the afternoon! (Apparently, this dream occurs TODAY, because I’m worried about my Thursday afternoon classes and meetings.) Maybe it’s the guilt I’m still feeling from being too passed out on Friday to hang out with Watson, and also my conscious desire to try to be more spontaneous. Next thing I know, I end up in the city. (The bus ride seems to not have made the cut for this dream sequence.)

This amazing feat of engineering was done by a girl. I remember this because I had a moment of “Oh, how I wish I was good at engineering and then I could really represent us women in the field like this girl here is doing” or something like that. She was very nice.

Then, the dream kind of transitioned into… weirdness. Victoria was there at this point, and there was some kind of… flashmob thing. I think it was my subconscious remembering Victoria’s “Gangnam Style”-ness and also Watson’s performances from high school. It was a highly choreographed performance, with costumes and everything. (Watson, you were wearing a really big afro wig… and like, a sumo thing? Victoria, you were wearing a white tank but like super sparkly pants.) (I have no explanation for this right now.) Not only were you guys doing your flashmob, it was like… a joint flashmob? With this other group that was in uniform. (Looked like Air Force uniforms…?) It was a good time though.

It was getting late, though, so I left my post by some random fountain (Why was I standing by a fountain? Why not?) and went to try to find a bus that was leaving earlier. The bus I came in on (a Megabus, mind you) was leaving at 4:57 PM (exactly) and it was 4:00. I wanted to get going as soon as possible. I stopped by a little street stand where a Chinese man was selling 2 things: packs of toilet paper and T-shirts. I’m assuming the toilet paper is because I got a text today about bringing toilet paper to a meeting for an icebreaker; I remember thinking, “What a coincidence. I don’t need the TP anymore, but maybe I should buy some in case, you can’t ever have too much, right?” I didn’t end up buying any, I didn’t have my wallet on me. This was something I realized would hinder my getting on a different bus. I asked in Mandarin if he saw my bus, resigned to being able to get on my bus the same way I did to get to Manhattan. I asked him this while staring at my bus, though. I don’t really know what was happening.

OKAY THEN there was a second dream. (You know how it is with those multiple dreams.) This is where the dream got real weird. For those of you who don’t follow me on Tumblr, I really love the ABC show Once Upon a Time.

This is the first time that the show has crossed over into my dream world. I was maybe on this bus? It was kind of like an RV, though. An RV that was furnished like a college dorm/apartment. I was definitely on this RV with Regina Mills, aka the Evil Queen, as played by Lana Parilla on Once Upon a Time. She was in full Evil Queen attire.

Lana Parilla as Evil Queen Regina from OUaT

So Regina is there and I know other characters were there. I kind of want to say Red was there? Maybe Aurora? Not really sure. Mary Margaret was there, though.

Anyway. Something happens. I can’t quite remember what it is, but it was something bad and I was responsible. I did something to Regina and she was pissed. (And of course, she’s still pissed at Mary Margaret aka Snow White.) A tornado picks up our little RV and tosses us around because she made it. She made some kind of comment about, “Is this how your home is furnished, also?" I was you know, in a corner ducking for shelter, scared out of my mind that Regina made one of my biggest fears come true. I answer her something something… and then she tells me that it’s a shame.
It’s a shame that this freakish weather causes a tornado that takes me out and an earthquake right near my hometown that destroys my home.

Except it’s not really my home. 
David (Prince Charming) lives there with Henry and I see them getting buried under their house.

I’m sad.
Regina is delighted with my sadness.

My alarm rings.

What the heck. I slap myself to a) wake myself up and b) because it’s ridiculous that I had a OUaT-themed dream.