About Starr

Starr is my real, honest-to-goodness birth name, and that’s how it’s spelled, I promise. I am a 30-something living in New York City, by way of the DC metro region, and born and raised in New Jersey. (Apparently, my pronunciation of the word “water” gives this away.)

I’ve been blogging since 2001, and even though I no longer type lyk dis and keep the pre-teen drama to a minimum, a recent visit to my old posts reminded me of something:

I have yet to figure life out and I really would like to.

Maybe we’re not meant to have everything completely figured out. But I think we are meant to pursue the whole truth, even if it’s an elusive goal. So I’m chronicling my pursuit of truth here, knowing that I will never know the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but satisfied with the journey.

Making Faces

Feel free to email me at starr[@]sipofstarrshine.com.

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