Terrible Doctor’s Visit

Now that I’m old, I can’t visit my pediatrician for physicals and check-ups anymore. I’ve been putting off getting a grown-up primary care physician for a while, but now that I’m officially too old for a pediatrician to be allowed to treat me, I had to go out and get a family practice doctor.


My pediatrician did refer me to a doctor, but it was a male physician and I’m not really comfortable having a man do my physicals right now. So my dad and I went through our insurance company to find a doctor. I told my dad my only criteria was “female”, but then he wanted to find a Chinese doctor. I don’t need a doctor who speaks Mandarin… since I can communicate more effectively in English. Would I be more comfortable with a Chinese doctor? Maybe, if only because all of my physicians have been Chinese, so that’s what I’m used to. Anyway, we found one, I made an appointment last week, and I was just glad that I could see her so short notice.


There were a lot of ominous signs before going:

  • My GPS wasn’t working, so I had to try to remember the directions. Luckily, it wasn’t very far, so I managed to get there.
  • The suit number was listed wrong, so I thought it didn’t exist in the building… but it did!
  • When I got my call for a conformation, I’m pretty sure it was the doctor. Why didn’t she have a receptionist?

It’s a small office, because she has… 3? That’s kind of confusing, but okay. Small office, and she said it’s new, so I guess that’s why she has no employees?

While I’m there, she’s weighing another patient. “Oh, you definitely gained some weight. I guess you ate too much over the holidays, huh?”


My big problem with my physician is this: She’s extremely proud of her accomplishments and spent most of my check-up talking about them.

Also, a quick note: Yes, she is Chinese, so most of this conversation was in Mandarin.

“Are you very active?””
“Unfortunately, not really. You know, lots of school work.”
“Hm, well I had a lot of school work and I still stayed active. Look, I climbed the tallest peak in Africa. Do you know which mountain is the tallest peak in Africa?”
“… Mount Kilimanjaro.”
“Yes. I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. That’s a photo.”
“It’s a very nice photo.”
“Yes, and I took this one on the African safari.”
“Wow, you took it yourself? That’s really nice.” (Me trying to humor her.)
“Yes, and I took this one of the peak.”
“… okay.”
“Yes, you should be more active. Okay, here’s your date of birth so that makes you…….?”
“I’m 21.”
“Oh, okay so you’ve graduated college?”
“Um… no I’m a senior.”
“You’re graduating in May? Did you start school late? Because you came here from China?”
“Um, no, I was born here. I actually started school relatively early? Most people graduate when they’re 22.”
“Really? Because my daughter had already graduated when she was 21. Oh that’s right, she graduated a year early.”
“So what’s your major?”
“Oh, being a psychologist is kind of hard though, right? It’s stressful?” (Says the doctor.)
“Well, yeah, I don’t want to be a psychologist, I’m pre-med.”
“Ahh, good. Being a doctor is good. My daughter doesn’t want to be a doctor. You should go to Hopkins, I teach there.”
“Oh really?”
“Yeah, it’s pretty… intense over there. I also teach some of the University of Maryland interns. It’s really busy because you know, I’m am MD and a PhD, but I don’t research anymore because well, I have 2 daughters. And I did my post-doc at Harvard, so I didn’t want my daughters to have time with me. You know all that research is wasted now.”
“Well, not wasted. I have a LOT of publications.”
“Okay, last question, are you sexually active?”

Let me tell you something.
I have never been happier about someone asking me if I have sex in my life. It meant the end of my physical and I could get the heck out of there.

Needless to say, I will not be listing her as my primary care physician. No thanks. I don’t need my doctor humble-bragging during appointments.

You know it’s bad when it makes my first appointment with my last pediatrician look good. On that appointment, I was referred to a cardiologist, a radiologist, and had a breast cancer scare. (Spoiler alert: It was a sparkly thing on my cami.)

She wouldn’t even let me take proper deep breaths. What the heck.

I’m 21?

Hello friends! It’s been a short while.

I’ve finally turned the “magical” age of 21, permitted by US law to drink the nectar of adulthood. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t drink and have never really been terribly interested in drinking. I was, however, excited to be allowed into places that normally had a 21+ barring me from entrance, like clubs and the Yelp Elite squad. (^_^)

My 21st birthday experience began the day before my birthday. I went home after my first final (sigh…). I have been salivating over the cake my dad got me for my 17th birthday, and we went off in search of it at one of our local Korean markets. To celebrate my brother’s 18th birthday and my 21st birthday, we had a deeeeeelicious hotpot dinner. Omnomnomnomnom! Then we had cake! Unfortunately, I don’ think it was the cake that has been haunting my dreams, but it was still quite tasty.


After omnomming, we went to watch The Hobbit, starring the ever-endearing Martin Freeman. All my LotR feels were just bubbling over, dormant for almost 10 years. It was a bit long, but I liked it a lot. (My brother and boyfriend complained that it was too long.) By the time the movie ended, I was officially 21!

I spent most of my 21st birthday putting off studying for my second final, and kind of just bumming around. I don’t really remember what else I did, I was kind of just derping about… But then birthday dinner! We went to my favorite Korean restaurant and my boyfriend actually came up (after the Redskins game) to join us and then drive me back to school. We had a pretty tasty meal, although I didn’t have any alcohol because I didn’t want to be hungover for my exam, in case my tolerance was really low.

After my finals were over, I was able to take a looooong nap and then celebrate my birthday with my wonderful friends. We went to Applebee’s, where I had their mudslide and my freeee birthday dessert shooter. I am pretty sensitive to alcohol – I immediately feel it kind of fuming into my brain, as though when I swallow a swig, the vapors just soak my brainstem. Also, the stuff tastes kind of icky, okay? But I don’t think I have the low tolerance my mom does. I did have a headache and dizziness, but that may have also been because I had pulled an all-nighter the evening before, so. All things considering, I think I made it out pretty well! As a very fair-skinned person, I thought I would have Asian glow out the wazoo. But I didn’t really feel much flush, so success there!

Coming back from my food coma, my friends surprised me with chocolate fondue funtime at our apartment and cute gifts. Also, there was wine and beer, courtesy of my roommates and boyfriend, so I got to try some of that. It didn’t get very rowdy because a lot of us were tired and I actually had a roommate sleeping already, so we kept it fairly low-key. (Okay, it was kind of a lame party, even by my standards, but I had a good time with my friends regardless.)

Post-birthday celebrations, I did get to attend my friend’s grad party the following day after attending his graduation. Technically, I had my first shot(s) there, but it was Hpnotiq, which… I don’t think is meant to be taken as a shot. I mean, it’s 17% ABV, so I think you can just drink it… They were probably confusing liquer with liquor.
If only people derped around Wikipedia as much as I did. They’d probably be significantly less productive members of society, but they’d have so much random trivia knowledge. My friends (and especially my boyfriend) are usually confused as to why I know so much about alcohol despite the fact that I have almost zero experience with it. I guess I just want to be prepared, and the world of alcoholic beverages is really interesting. I was researching wine and cheese pairings for my roommate’s birthday. (Also, Tom Cruise in Cocktail? ‘nuff said.)

But yes, I have joined the ranks of people who drink. I don’t think I’ll be doing it much because… I really don’t like the taste or the almost brain freeze-esque feeling I get, but you know, I can now.

And what matters is I’m now Elite-eligible and I am allowed to go to clubs and bars and events that required me to be 21.
Because now I am.

2013 Resolutions

It’s time for my annual resolutions list! Every year it’s a lofty list but I’m going to aim for some more concrete resolutions that are (I hope) more achievable for me so that I don’t end 2013 looking at my list and shaking my head at another year of PHAIL.

1) Achieve a full split
This might seem weird, but I haven’t been able to do a full split in any direction in 10 years since I stopped taekwondo and ballet. Being able to do this again would be a fantastic physical achievement.

2) Get a 4.0 for my last undergraduate semester
Okay, so I’ve failed at getting 4.0s every past semester (and I’ve made it a resolution every year but gotten further from my goal…), but this is my last chance. I. Got. This. (… right?)

TIger Mom is Army of Win.

3) DANCE at least once a week.
I loooooove dancing (e.g. Zumba, random dance parties in my room) so this is a super practical fitness goal. Ideally, I would get to the gym about twice a week, but I know that things like weather and school and general grumpiness keep me from making that one mile trek much too often. Dancing around is great cardio, I am never sad doing it, it’s a great way to unwind with friends, and a great reason to get to a club and rub up against strangers. (… okay maybe that’s not as fun XD)

4) Try to do yoga once a week… or month…?
This one is tougher for me to do on my own since I don’t really ever do yoga, unless I buy a tape or video or do my Wii Fit stuff at home. But with my back issues getting a bit worse and also with how high-strung I am, there is no doubt that increasing the yoga in my fitness routine from none to some will be beneficial. Ommmmmmm.


5) Smile more: when I walk, talk to people, sit, stand, etc.
I have a tendency to look a bit down, especially when I’m walking, mostly because I’m thinking hard about how the day is going or how the day sucks… ^^; Smiling is good for you and good for me and I should do more of it. I can probably start by not scowling when I walk.

6) Laugh once a day.
I should really save up things I know make me laugh, like Youtube clips. Laughing hard can really make my day better.

Maybe drink more Shirley temples? Okay.

7) Keep my room clean.
The state of my room fell to complete disarray when I went to North Carolina for the summer and then came back, and it has been a source of constant stress. The haphazard packing and also unpacking was too much for my room to recover from without a day solely dedicated to cleaning. I will be going in sometime in the next few weeks just to clean and I hope to keep it that way!

8) SLEEP WOMAN. Maximum 2 nights up after 1 AM a week – including weekend nights.
This has been a bit tough because I care so much about the different relationships in my life, and most of my friends are quite nocturnal creatures. I am, too, but the fact remains that I have to wake up quite early for class and work, so I need to take a cue from my roommate, who has to be up for work at 6 and sleeps by 10 to make sure she is rested enough. My sleep problems have been so ridonkulous (post coming eventually) that this is just as important as exercise for me to better my health.


9) Fruits. Veggies. Minimum one full serving a day.
Preferably a fresh serving, it’d be nice if I could get a serving every meal of each, but realism is key to resolutions this year.


Also, along that vein, I’d like to significantly reduce my meat intake, but I haven’t settled on a practical goal there yet.

10) SPF in the morning, moisturize in the evening.
I need to really be taking care of my face! I’m now really in my 20s and good genes will only get me so far. SPF every day, moisturizer every day. No skipping and no skimping; this is something I should be investing in. I have the stuff to take care of my face, I just really need to stop being lazy about using it. (That means using my cleansers instead of just washing with a towel and calling it a night…)

11) Call my family twice a week.
Once my brother starts college, my family members will be scattered, so I’ll need to put more work into staying in touch with everyone. But I have the technology! Skype, cell phones, even snail mail if I have to.

12) Shut up and listen.
I still hear myself talking about me, myself, and I far too much during conversations. Even I’m getting really tired of it, so I will make a much more conscious effort to shut up and just listen.

13) Drink at least 2L of water a day.
I don’t think I drink enough water, so I’ll try to drink about the 8 cups, 2 liters amount a day. The constant sipping is tricky, but I’ll try my best. I think I’m drinking a lot more water these days than I was this time a few years ago.

14) Appreciate and try hard.
This one is vague but one of the most important resolutions I have this year. I really need to be able to appreciate everything and everyone in my life. And, according to many people, I need to also learn to appreciate myself. That will be super tricky, but I’ll have to try. Also, I have to stop being afraid to try really hard to achieve something. If I fail, at least I didn’t fail to try, right? (… right? That’s what people keep saying anyway…)

Here’s to 2013. Please be better than 2012, because man, I thought 2011 was bad.


Starr’s 2012 Movie List

Here’s a list of movies that I watched this year that were released this year. (Of course, in between, I watched and rewatched movies that came out before 2012.)

Fun facts about this year’s list:

  • Unlike previous years, almost every single movie on this list was watched in theaters. 
  • With the ONE exception of 21 Jump Street.
  • I wound up watching The Avengers in theaters 3 times because 1) I couldn’t wait to watch it with my boyfriend and co., 2) but then I did anyway, 3) and then I watched it with my family

Without further ado, here’s the roundup!

Did you see these? Which MUST-SEES did I miss? (I know there’s a good handful!)