I’m 21?

Hello friends! It’s been a short while.

I’ve finally turned the “magical” age of 21, permitted by US law to drink the nectar of adulthood. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t drink and have never really been terribly interested in drinking. I was, however, excited to be allowed into places that normally had a 21+ barring me from entrance, like clubs and the Yelp Elite squad. (^_^)

My 21st birthday experience began the day before my birthday. I went home after my first final (sigh…). I have been salivating over the cake my dad got me for my 17th birthday, and we went off in search of it at one of our local Korean markets. To celebrate my brother’s 18th birthday and my 21st birthday, we had a deeeeeelicious hotpot dinner. Omnomnomnomnom! Then we had cake! Unfortunately, I don’ think it was the cake that has been haunting my dreams, but it was still quite tasty.


After omnomming, we went to watch The Hobbit, starring the ever-endearing Martin Freeman. All my LotR feels were just bubbling over, dormant for almost 10 years. It was a bit long, but I liked it a lot. (My brother and boyfriend complained that it was too long.) By the time the movie ended, I was officially 21!

I spent most of my 21st birthday putting off studying for my second final, and kind of just bumming around. I don’t really remember what else I did, I was kind of just derping about… But then birthday dinner! We went to my favorite Korean restaurant and my boyfriend actually came up (after the Redskins game) to join us and then drive me back to school. We had a pretty tasty meal, although I didn’t have any alcohol because I didn’t want to be hungover for my exam, in case my tolerance was really low.

After my finals were over, I was able to take a looooong nap and then celebrate my birthday with my wonderful friends. We went to Applebee’s, where I had their mudslide and my freeee birthday dessert shooter. I am pretty sensitive to alcohol – I immediately feel it kind of fuming into my brain, as though when I swallow a swig, the vapors just soak my brainstem. Also, the stuff tastes kind of icky, okay? But I don’t think I have the low tolerance my mom does. I did have a headache and dizziness, but that may have also been because I had pulled an all-nighter the evening before, so. All things considering, I think I made it out pretty well! As a very fair-skinned person, I thought I would have Asian glow out the wazoo. But I didn’t really feel much flush, so success there!

Coming back from my food coma, my friends surprised me with chocolate fondue funtime at our apartment and cute gifts. Also, there was wine and beer, courtesy of my roommates and boyfriend, so I got to try some of that. It didn’t get very rowdy because a lot of us were tired and I actually had a roommate sleeping already, so we kept it fairly low-key. (Okay, it was kind of a lame party, even by my standards, but I had a good time with my friends regardless.)

Post-birthday celebrations, I did get to attend my friend’s grad party the following day after attending his graduation. Technically, I had my first shot(s) there, but it was Hpnotiq, which… I don’t think is meant to be taken as a shot. I mean, it’s 17% ABV, so I think you can just drink it… They were probably confusing liquer with liquor.
If only people derped around Wikipedia as much as I did. They’d probably be significantly less productive members of society, but they’d have so much random trivia knowledge. My friends (and especially my boyfriend) are usually confused as to why I know so much about alcohol despite the fact that I have almost zero experience with it. I guess I just want to be prepared, and the world of alcoholic beverages is really interesting. I was researching wine and cheese pairings for my roommate’s birthday. (Also, Tom Cruise in Cocktail? ‘nuff said.)

But yes, I have joined the ranks of people who drink. I don’t think I’ll be doing it much because… I really don’t like the taste or the almost brain freeze-esque feeling I get, but you know, I can now.

And what matters is I’m now Elite-eligible and I am allowed to go to clubs and bars and events that required me to be 21.
Because now I am.

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