One Down

The reason I took my little hiatus was because I suddenly was thrown into GMAT cramming. To accommodate deadlines I had just learned about 30 minutes after talking to my boyfriend, I was suddenly given the insanely short 3 weeks to study for a test that I had almost zero familiarity with at all. (Sorry for lying, Mom!)

Well, I thought I had 3 weeks, but one week into studying, I was derailed by the fact that there were no test dates available for the week I wanted. In order to make a deadline — which, to remind you, I had only learned about one week prior to this — I needed to register for the test coming up in 7 days.

panic animated GIF

I had 2 weeks to study and I had already spent one of those weeks not really feeling too confident. I only had 7 days to get my score up. I didn’t have time to even think about if I was going to apply for grad school because I had to give myself the luxury of making that decision by pwning the GMAT.

Because my test appointment was at 4 PM, the latest I have ever taken a standardized test (and I have taken many), I was a nervous wreck. It was maybe the worst test anxiety I’ve ever experienced, if only because it was over such a long period of time. Even when I had calmed down listening to “Bring ‘Em Out“, it was only noon and I managed to ruminate myself into nausea just 2 hours later. By the time the test started, however, I felt more at ease. I had taken nearly 20 standardized tests before this one (holy moly) and the stakes were low. I knew what kind of score I was capable of getting.

I came just shy of getting a score I would have been able to walk away satisfied with, but I fulfilled my New Year’s resolution! I didn’t think I would have check that off for months, but 3 weeks into 2015 and it’s done. 🙂

I feel really proud of myself for what I accomplished, not only overall but in 15 days, with a huge push during the last 7 days. You guys, if I can do it, SO CAN YOU.