Summer 2016

Happy Labor Day! Can you believe it’s September already? August definitely flew by. I spent most of past 2 weeks still thinking we were in the single-digit days of August, and then before I knew it, I was writing the wrong month on forms. What the heck!

Summer started out so mild. It took a long time for us to reach 80°F days, and folks were lamenting it. I knew, though, that we would soon regret wishing for 80°F as we were slammed with heat wave after heat wave. So many consecutive days where the highs were 90°F and up, and where evening temperatures didn’t dip below 80°F at all. So much sweating was done. BUT, even with the threat of Zika looming over me, I managed to escape with relatively few mosquito bites! (Although I doubt I’ll ever have as many as I did last year, when I had so many that the itching just cancelled out and I felt nothing anymore.)

A lot happened this summer, as I was gainfully employed the whole time (scoooooore) and was able to afford to say yes to a lot of opportunities. Here are some highlights that will find themselves on my year-end recap in a few months! (Holy moly.) If we consider “summer” to be June 1-August 31, here are a few little adventures that I had:Read More »