September Favorites

Doing a favorites post every Friday was a lot of pressure, so now that I’m trying to stick to a Tuesday/Friday update schedule, I thought I’d take some time to share a handful of favorites from the month of September!

Hershey’s Sundae Pie

This used to be one of the main reasons that Burger King was my favorite fast food joints. (It was this and onion rings, of course.) Since I don’t eat fast food very much anymore, I haven’t had this in a really long time. I did have one shining day where I bought it so I didn’t feel too bad about walking out with free Satisfries (remember that promotion?) when my friend said something that changed my life:

“They sell these pies in supermarkets, you know.”

I did not know that! But now I do, as I have proof right in my freezer.

You think it’s gorgeous now?

It is decadent, it is indulgent, it is wonderful. Come over and I’ll share with you. Or, more likely, no one will come over and I’ll eat the rest by myself.

Down[-Alternative] Duvets

I am the last member of my family to get a down/down-alternative duvet. It’s just one of those nice luxuries that I somehow got left out of in my family. Just like how everyone else had a tablet — specifically an iPad — and smartphone before I did. But those weren’t things I wanted.

A comfy, fluffy down-filled (or down-alternative-filled) duvet? Want. And want I did for a few years. Now that I am moved into my new place, I thought it was the perfect chance for me to get a new, warmer duvet.

It feels SOOO nice, even though it was summer when I started using it and a bit toasty. I got this one and it is lovely!

So comfy and cozy! And now I have something to put in duvet covers!

Fall TV Premieres

September is when the networks get their fall lineups up and running and this year I am really excited. Maybe it’s because I gave up TV for 40+ days this year but I just feel like there are SO many good shows this fall! Also I have to catch up on all my shows that I stopped watching during Lent last year. Here are some of the brand new shows I’m excited about:

Gotham: Mondays at 8PM on Fox
Selfie: Tuesdays at 8PM on ABC
Black-ish: Wednesdays at 9:30PM on ABC

Some shows I have to wait for mid-season premieres, but hey, whatever keeps my TV queue light is okay by me. Of course, I still have lots of other TV to watch so I’m going to be keeping busy with my weekend TV catch-up sessions.

Willow & Sassafrass (aka my friend’s kittens)

Cuties sharing food even though they each have their own dishes.

For all the grief they give me, I do love these kitties. They’ve gotten so big since I first met them, and they had already doubled in size between when they arrived in their new home and when I first got to see them! These sister kittens are so precious to me, despite my being slightly allergic to them. I really love just playing with their toys and then watching them curl up for little catnaps because they’re all worn out from playing.

Cuties sleeping next to each other even though there is so much room elsewhere.

Winnie the Pooh plush

Winnie the Pooh Plush - Mini Bean Bag - 7''
Available at your local Disney Store and online (click to be directed to the Disney Store online, where they are having a promotion on these mini plushies!)

I usually have a lot of stuffed animals on my bed, mostly because I attach a lot of sentimental value to them and like to have them there. Since moving to my new apartment, most of my bed buddies haven’t migrated over just yet as I tried to focus on essentials like having a bed in the first place.

My bed was pretty lonely, especially given that my new bedspread color scheme is greys. Don’t get me wrong, I do really like the greys but I hadn’t gotten around to getting a little pop-of-color throw yet. I was looking in my work bag and I found Pooh! I had been prepared to bring him to work to remind me of the simple pleasures while at work, but I deemed the office to be a hostile environment for a bear like him.

Now, he is the sole bed buddy (at least for now) in my room, and he is so soft and I love him to bits.

September was kind of rough, but October is here! I’ll be spending the next few weeks primarily planning, planning, planning, so I hope that all comes through!

How was your September? Any random recommendations from your month?

HIMYM Series Finale Thoughts

It has now been a full week since the series finale.

But first, before I tell you my thoughts on the actual hour-long episode, I want to tell you about me and the show.

The first time I heard of How I Met Your Mother was in one of my magazines (either YM or CosmoGirl), where they were naming shows that could replace the hole Sex and the City was leaving in people’s hearts. (The description was something like: “A group of friends who always get together at the same bar, and the redhead is the voice of reason!”)

I can’t quite pinpoint the moment I started watching HIMYM, and it’s likely that I haven’t seen all the episodes because I never made a conscious effort to catch up. I started watching and I liked it. A funny sitcom with fun characters and a loose larger plotline that threaded through these standalone episodes.

I was really glad when they announced that this season would be the last.
I have gotten awfully tired of the show.

Specifically, I started really having issues with these characters. My least favorite characters are Lily and Ted. I will tell you why this is in another post, but know that I was waiting for this show to be over. I needed relief.

I didn’t have the chance to watch it live because I was at trivia night with my friends. Needless to say, I saw spoilers that weren’t a big shocker to me. I’ve been reading a lot of good articles and blog posts about the finale (among them this and this) and here is my main takeaway about the episode (WARNING: SPOILERS TO FOLLOW)Read More »

Lent 2014

I feel I need to first mention that I’m not Catholic, nor am I a Christian.

However, I think that Lent, like New Year’s, is a great time to start new habits or break old ones while you have the support of friends who are also doing the same. I often find that the habits I form during Lent do persist after Easter has passed, which means that a) I had a pretty bad problem before Ash Wednesday and b) I have helped resolve that problem by a lot!

Some things I’ve given up in the past:

  • 2011: Facebook & Tumblr
  • 2012: Chips & McDonald’s (McDonald’s had gotten too convenient with their fries & sweet teas)
  • 2013: …?? Did I give anything up last year? I don’t think I did actually?

Huh, I don’t think I gave up anything last year. But the previous 2 years I remember being tricky. I missed event invites on Facebook. I ate chips with all my sandwiches and soups! (I have a real passion for chips.)

This year, although I’m a little late, with a little bit of encouragement from Christine & Karen, I am going to be mostly giving up television.

This is maybe going to be my toughest lenten period yet (even tougher than the sad days I had to say no to chips). I have been mildly addicted to TV ever since I was little. My daily routines were structured around my TV schedule. Wake up, watch Sesame StreetMagic School Bus, take a nap, watch Big Comfy Couch, watch Bill Nye, watch Saved By the Bell, etc. etc.

Like a mild version of him, minus the awesome cowboy garb.
(This reference isn’t lost on you guys, right??)

Today, this manifests as me having several shows that I watch each week. I only watch a couple of them when they actually air, which means I typically end up holed up in my room with my computer, watching things on Hulu, CBS, or streaming them from less reliable sources. I also occasionally binge watch shows. Recently, I just finished watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl and I am caught up on Hannibal now.

I have a problem.
I need to solve this problem.

So, I have decided I will allow myself three shows to watch, and I may watch TV socially. But no more holing myself in my room watching TV just to pass the time. (Why do I watch so much New Girl? I don’t like it very much!)

Right now, I’m trying to figure out what shows I will allow myself to watch and I will try to watch them when they air, to minimize temptations to click to the next show and watch TV for 3 hours on my computer. The list right now looks like this:

  1. Once Upon a Time is non-negotiable. It is a problem in and of itself, but I have been waiting for the mid-season premiere and Lent is not going to stop me from watching it.
  2. How I Met Your Mother is finally almost over and I want to see it through. I don’t love it as much as I used to, so we’ll see if this stays on the list.
  3. Hannibal is the newest show I’ve started watching, and I only started because I was too lazy to not watch the season premiere. (I was already sat in front of the TV and I didn’t feel like changing the channel. Do you see how problematic this addiction is?) We’ll see if I keep watching it or if I’ll pick something else.

Other contenders include: Big Bang Theory (next runner-up), Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Elementary, Modern Family, and Community (last runner-up). Also, it goes without saying that I can’t start any new shows.

<deep breath>
This will be a challenge, and it is meant to me.

In addition, I have been talking to some people about using Lent as an opportunity to add something of value and meaning to your life rather than trying to subtract something. My friend Jenn used the example of eating less beef or red meat. If you try to cut out red meat completely, you’ll likely eat a herd of cows on Easter Sunday. BUT, if you say you’re going to eat more turkey, it’s a bit easier to substitute a turkey burger for a beefy burger to reach that goal rather than turning down a beef burger with a pout on your face.

So! On that note, I am trying to snack healthier by just snacking on more fruits and veggies and making sure I eat fruits and veggies more often throughout the day. This goal will be harder to check up on, I think, but it will also be good for me.

This can’t be so bad if the creepy face is smiling. PLUS I have this plate in my house! Done and done.

(Also, I am aware that Sundays are essentially like “cheat days”, but I have pretty bad problems that require complete discipline. I won’t let myself have days to binge-watch TV. Or eat tons of chips.)

Do you typically give something up for Lent?
If so, what are you giving up this year?
If not, what are some habits you would like to increase/decrease in general?

Anyone a Oncer?

Last night was the mid-season finale and I am still reeling.
This is why I stick to sitcoms. They don’t leave you emotionally devastated like this.


Robbie Kay I miss you.