Yulia Lipnitskaia’s Long Program

(ACK I forgot to post last night, zomg, one weekend that I miss my BEDA goals and I’m patchy for the rest of the month??)

Easily, my favorite winter Olympic sport is figure skating.

Why am I talking about the winter Olympics months after they ended? I don’t know. BUT I do know that yesterday, I found some comfort in re-watching Yulia Lipnitskaia’s long program routine. Set to the theme from Schindler’s List, it’s one of the most spectacular figure skating routines I’ve ever seen. She’s a very mature skater, considering she’s only 15 years old. (!!!) You can see it in her face. I liked her far better than Olympic gold medalist Adelina Sotnikova because I really did feel that Yulia was more mature and more skilled as a skater, although Adelina was more athletic. (I don’t want to talk about how disappointed I am that Yuna Kim didn’t get gold. I’m supposed to move past that.)

This scoring is gorgeous, and I believe she picked it herself.  The outfit also evokes imagery from the film. I’m particularly impressed with Yulia’s spins, which she has become well-known for and for good reason.

She’s a great skater, and she was a favorite for gold for Sochi. It was unfortunate that she, along with many of the skaters this year, stumbled and fell during her long program. But she made it count here, at the European Figure Skating Championship.