I’m Wishing…

I'm Wishing...

Here is my Halloween look! I Disneybounded as Snow White and it was so much fun.

I’ve been planning the costume out for an embarrassingly long time, but I’m extremely pleased with how it all turned out.

The struggle was real, though. I had a very specific image in my mind of how I wanted the outfit to look. For example, I wanted a pleated yellow skirt of a specific shade of yellow and of a specific length and pleat size. I wanted a sleeveless collared cobalt blue oxford to wear under the red cardigan.

The color of the skirt isn’t exactly what I had been searching for, but it worked out better, actually. And my blouse doesn’t have a collar, but it worked out all right anyway! And I topped the look off with a red headband, a bow barrette (I couldn’t find a red bow hairband in time), and an apple necklace I’ve owned for a very long time.

I spent a VERY long time trying to figure out my hair. I curled it with some overnight foam rollers, but they fell out promptly in the morning and I had to redo them. Also, I tried to fake-shorten my hair, but that didn’t go quite as planned either. I missed having curly hair; the bounce in my hair made me feel a bit bouncy myself!

I must say, it was a little sad at the end of the night. Not only did we get hardly any trick-or-treaters, but I had to shed Snow White and be Starr again.

It was freeing… but a little bit sad.

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