Small, but this time, Busy!

Yesterday’s list was a last-minute kind of blog, but it made me feel productive after an unspectacular day.

Today already felt productive because several of my tasks were back-to-back, which made me feel very busy. So, at the risk of ruining a good thing, I thought another bulleted list would help artificially inflate my sense of accomplishment!

  • Emailed a bunch of strangers to schedule meetings
  • Scheduled meetings with the ones who responded
    • Those also happened to be some of the more absurdly good-looking people at the company
  • Had a productive meeting with my manager
  • Ate lunch with a really old friend
  • Walked even FURTHER to eat lunch
  • Dialed into a conference call
  • Picked up a headset for that Britney Spears feel/so I can type and be on the phone
  • Made decent progress with an assignment I’ve been working on since Monday
  • Befriended the girls working around my new desk assignment
  • Got a telemarketing call on my work phone
  • Wore a Snow White hairbow without anyone commenting on it
  • Found the coathook in my cubicle so I don’t have to hang my coat on my chair anymore

Phew, now I feel better about hitting a productivity wall around 3:30 today and really only being busy for about 2 hours.

What small accomplishments are you celebrating today?

P.S. I made a joke about using 2 teabags yesterday despite not being at a rave. Some people didn’t get the reference, so here it is:

8 thoughts on “Small, but this time, Busy!

  1. “•Picked up a headset for that Britney Spears feel/so I can type and be on the phone” LOL! Starr! Hilarious! XD

    And you have a coat hook in your cube?! Would be nice if I had one hiding somewhere, but I don’t think I do. Boo!


    • WHOA that’s like that boss-level kind of accomplishment, I am too scared to deal with our printer right now, I barely print stuff out XD

      Yeah I was like “How come no one else has their coat on their chairs?? Where are your coats people?” You should just stick one of those 3M hooks up yourself and starting hanging stuff up everywhere. 😛


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