Slow Dance Songs [playlist]

Prematurely hot weather always reminds me of certain summer feelings. Today, it reminded me of things like prom, summer camp dances, and driving home after a fun evening with friends.

Here are a couple of slow dance songs that I thought of today. Some of them have memories of specific slow dances I shared with someone, but not all of them are. I haven’t told the boys I danced with that I always think of them when I hear these songs, but I secretly hope that they think of me — even if for just a fleeting moment — when they hear them, too.

I don’t want to feel lonely thinking about slow dances. I like them because, as much as I love grooving out on the dancefloor, sometimes you need a break. Sometimes you get caught up over whether you’re holding someone or not during this break.

This is not the definitive list and I’ll be adding to it as time goes by. I’ll let you know when I do, but for now, here is a little playlist.

Earth Angel | The Penguins // In Your Eyes | Peter Gabriel // Can’t Help Falling in Love | Elvis Presley // At Last | Etta James // Smoke Gets In Your Eyes | The Platters // The Way You Look Tonight | Frank Sinatra // Take My Breath Away | Berlin //


Name the movies that some of these songs come from!
What’s a slow dance song that hold a special memory for you?

Bonus question: have you seen the movie where I got the still for the playlist image?



Foods I Used to Avoid

When I was a little girl, my tastes were strictly defined. I only ate butter pecan ice cream, but would sometimes make an exception for strawberry and maaaaaybe chocolate. I only drank apple juice. I only ate cut up hot dogs for lunch.

Not only did I have very set favorites, but there were a lot of foods I would never touch or look at.

However, now that I’m older, I’ve expanded a little. I’ve given some of these foods a second (or… hundredth) chance, and now I almost like some of these previously Untouchable foods! The list of reformed foods includes:

  • Celery: I forced myself to like celery. I like the crunch a lot, but the flavor was always so weird to me. Now, I’ve mostly gotten used to it, and I think I like it. (Or I tell myself I do, anyway?) The first time I ate celery, it was weighed down in a really unhealthy amount of ranch dressing. I take it a bit easier with the ranch now.
  • Mac & cheese: The most controversial item, because I still detest cheese. I think what I really like is creamy baked pasta casseroles, so I really enjoy baked mac. With a nice breadcrumb topping? And maybe some veggies mixed in? Don’t go overboard with the cheese or I will hate it. The first time I ate mac & cheese, I wiped all the cheese off the macaroni. It was good, though. The first time I ate it with the cheese, I was half-starved at a graduation party and I ate a quarter of the tray. Oops.
  • Onions: I was really scared of onions. I still can’t eat raw onions because the flavor is too strong (although I’ll put a pinch in when I make guacamole). The first time I ate onions was with my ex-uncle, who I was scared of because he had a mean-looking neutral face, and he sauteed onions for dinner. I was too scared not to eat them, and luckily they were really delicious.
  • Mayonnaise: Okay, mayo is freaky-looking and weird-smelling. I just didn’t want anything to do with it, I didn’t want to eat chicken salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, anything with mayo was like no thank you! The first time I had mayonnaise was in a potato salad, I believe. And I liked it! I also found that I liked my turkey sandwiches with mayo even better than without and I regularly make chicken salad now. Say whaaaaat. Also I’m an even bigger fan of spicy mayo, yum.
  • Mustard: I don’t really love the flavor of mustard, it’s a really sharp spiciness that I feel mostly in my sinuses and less in my mouth. The first time I had mustard was at DC’s famous Ben’s Chili Bowl, where I had a half-smoke. I don’t like chili (I know, I know, Ben’s Chili Bowl) but I was surprised but how I didn’t dislike the mustard. Now, I’m more than happy to put mustard on hot dogs, burgers, and sandwiches.
  • Chili and jalapeno: I am still quite a bit pansy when it comes to spiciness, but I am actively trying to increase my spice tolerance! Spicy foods boost your health, after all. I can’t pinpoint the first time I ate chili peppers or chili oil on purpose (although it happened plenty of time without my agreeing to it!) but I do remember a few moments of eating something with a kick and thinking “Hmm…… this actually isn’t so bad. I am not in pain.”

I currently have all of these in my fridge/pantry right now. Oh, how the times have changed!

What are some foods that you used to avoid but now eat?
I still avoid some foods… what are some that I definitely shouldn’t?

(Sorry I’m a little late, but I promise this is for Saturday, BEDA-wise.)