End of BEDA!

April kind of flew by for me, what with my struggling to blog every day and starting (and struggling) at my new job.

I’m very terribly sorry for the following BEDA fails:

  • Missing several days (I almost had it until that weekend…)
  • Not… getting… a Europe post… out… this month…
  • Lots of slacker-y posts

HOWEVER. This was a good exercise. I do want to try to get myself on a better posting schedule.

There will be a few changes coming to how I work this blog inspired by my BEDA experience, so stay tuned for some of them. 🙂

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who was so patient with my blogging this month!

What did you like about my BEDA posts?
What didn’t you like about my BEDA posts?

Lemme know about which posts you liked, what kind of posts you liked, etc. 😀