Small Accomplishments

I’m still in the training phase of my new job. It’s a wee bit nerve-wracking when you hear about people closing million-dollar contracts. Meanwhile, here is a list of my accomplishments from today:

  • Cleared my inbox
  • Color-coded my calendar
  • Used two teabags in one mug

    Two teabag tags side-by-side: "refresh mint" and "zen"
    The “zen” just wasn’t minty enough for me to feel refreshed
  • Slightly sassed my new manager (I’m not sure if this is an accomplishment yet, I don’t know if we have that kind of rapport just yet)
  • Moved my bag and snacks to my permanent desk (I did not, however, move my computer or phone)
  • Contacted two of my new managers
  • Confirmed lunch with an old friend who works at the company
  • Walked more than 10 feet away from my building to get lunch
  • Found my cell phone (after leaving it in a conference room)
  • Gave a coworker ibuprofen
  • Learned how to put the tricky headset over my ear

You know what, when I make a bulleted like this, I almost feel like I was quite productive today. 🙂