Turkey Dive

Let’s review how Thanksgiving weekend was, shall we?

[ Wednesday ]
So… I woke up at a decent hour because I didn’t have lab, dragged myself to chem, and went to the library to make copies of a psych journal. (Despite having to pay for copies, I loved how scholarly I felt.)  Went to lunch, frantically packed, and went home, where I did a whole lot of nothing and it was fantastic.

[ Thursday ]
We went to the Philips’ house for Thanksgiving lunch and it was de-freaking-licious. Making everything from scratch really does make a difference. I don’t know if I can ever settle for boxed stuffing mix ever again. My only regret is eating way too fast (because I was kind of famished) and not being able to eat more. So sad, because the food was really amazing amazing. It was nice of Lynne to invite us over so our families could eat together while the rest of our respective families were away. We had a pretty chill dinner since we had already feasted for lunch and the rest of the day was an unproductive blur.

[ Friday ]
Woke up at 4 to take Stone and Angela Black Friday shopping, but we had some setbacks, so shopping didn’t really start until 5:30. Got some earphones at RadioShack and then headed to the mall.
Hit up JCPenney to pick up my Secret Santa gift, but was not really feeling the clothes or shoes. (I think I got all the girly shopping desires out last week, thank goodness.) I lost all motivation to shop when I got to H&M and tried on these dresses:

Seem harmless enough, right? WRONG. The dresses tried to kill me. It was fine when I was trying them on, since it was like “Fashion Finds $5” so I figured, “Why not, it’s Black Friday, right?” Not right. I almost had to rip the dresses to get out of them, I really did. There was a desperate moment where it looked like the dresses had to rip or my shoulders had to dislocate but then I got out and I could breathe and all was well in the world again.
Except I didn’t want to shop anymore.
Because I had a near-death experience with these dresses.

Anyhow, finished up shopping and went home where I had brunch and then fell asleep. I went to take a nap at 11:30, set my alarm for 1:30, woke up at… 6:00. My dad came in to wake me and I asked him, “Why is it dark outside?” “Because it’s dinner time.” “… WHAT.” I had so much planned for Friday! At least some productive procrastination?? Nope, I was passed out for almost 7 hours and got nothing done.

We had hot pot for dinner though! Delicious. Absolutely love it. That used to be our go-to meal for Thanksgiving.

We watched Knight and Day and Flipped. I love Tom Cruise. I always have and you know, just because his beliefs are different from mine doesn’t make him any less handsome. He’s definitely gotten a bit older, but he is still pretty charming and swoon-worthy, in my opinion. Callan McAuliffe looks like a younger, more handsome, Australian version of Zac Efron. His American debut film was so sweet, I absolutely adored it. A fantastic family film about coming of age and love and family and life. I really liked it.

[ Saturday ]

What did I do on Saturday… I woke up, went to pick up my boot that I left at shoe repair a month ago, it was not fixed yet… so I came back home. Tried to work on my 7-page paper but that was a fail. Got a new Tumblr theme that I’m rather fond of, yes. Had some pretty yummy food again and then we went off to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. We had some SNAFUs trying to find a showing that wasn’t sold old or ridiculously late, but we finally got seated at 10:50 (2 hours later than we had intended to go ><). I was really excited when the opening theme played because I really did grow up with the books, the films, and the cast, so it was an important movie for me. For my dad and brother, probably not as much. (Probably.) I was absolutely infuriated when the screen went black as the trio was sneaking into the Ministry of Magic. Audio was fine, but we couldn’t see anything. To make matters worse, the screen then turned magenta, as if the person at the project was mocking the audience. We had a loud audience, so there was a lot of “OH HAYLL NO” going on. I wish they would rewind but of course they didn’t, so I don’t know what I was supposed to be looking at. I was okay since I read the books, but my brother got lost at that point. In any case, I was quite satisfied because of my emotional attachment to the franchise, but my dad seemed a lot less impressed than I was.

[ Sunday ]

Woke up, kind of got to the second page of my paper (which needed to be at least 7 pages long, I remind you) ate some food, didn’t do much else. Picked up my brother from soccer around 3. Er… yeah. Ate more hot pot! Got stuck on I-95 for an hour while trying to get back to school (and I thought I was making really good time, too) and then stayed up to write my paper.

And now it’s today. We have 2 weeks of classes and a week of finals left.
Things are going to be difficult because I’ve been listening to holiday music ALL WEEKEND and it was fantastic but I can’t do anything school-productive while I’m listening to holiday music. I can cook and clean and decorate, but I cannot do schoolwork. Holiday cheer is not conducive to work, it seems.

How were your holidays?

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