Baby’s First Surgery

I underwent my very first surgery today! Wisdom tooth extraction, all 4 out at once.

I didn’t eat or drink anything after midnight, so I woke up this morning for my 8:15 appointment veeeery thirsty and pretty hungry already. We went grocery shopping Sunday evening, as I posted here then, so I was ready to eat if I had the appetite.

We got to the center and I signed my consent form stating that I behaved before the operation and would behave afterwards, too. Then they sent my daddy away and led me to another room. I got my general anesthesia intravenously through my left arm and they placed a small mask over my nose for oxygen.

… and that’s all I remember until I woke up about an hour later. I was in a different room, which was slightly disorienting, and they had taped a cotton pad over my IV wound. My dad escorted me out of this different room, out the back door, into some back parking lot. (We were previously parked in front of the front door.)

“How did I end up in a different room?”
“They carried you.”
“…. whaaaaaat.” Not sure why this was so unbelievable to me, but it was, at the time. I’m still slightly disoriented by the location change.

I don’t really remember walking to the car, but I remember my dad stopping at Rite Aid to pick up my painkiller, antibiotic, and a heating pad. I was going to offer to go with him, but soon enough, we were at my house. My dad helped me get to the recliner in our living room and I took my painkiller and then my antibiotic, dribbling water all over my front because the local anesthesia at my mouth hadn’t yet worn off.

Considering I went drug-free for 12 years – no painkillers, no cold meds, no nothing – I don’t know how much of my prescription painkiller I’ll be taking. I have never had a prescription, so they had to enter me in the system for the first time. But I will take my antibiotics diligently, I don’t want an infection.

It’s been over 12 hours since I arrived home. I felt really hungry and ate some Jello, but I got nauseous immediately afterwards. (No vomiting though, yay!) I tried some soup for dinner, but again, nausea immediately afterwards.

Puffay cheekies

Moderate swelling and minimal pain. No vomiting so far. I hope my recovery is nice and smooth and I can eat my beloved food again very soon. 🙂