Things I missed in Europe

I could (and will) write a post about what I loved about Europe that isn’t available in the United States.

But I figured that coming home is a good time to appreciate what make this my home country and some of the little-thing reasons that I enjoy coming home.

  • Not paying to use public restrooms
  • The general disinterest in sparkling water

    This should not be a question. Always still water.
  • The implicit assumption that asking for water means the free water
  • Peaches! Lots of apricot love over there, but where were the peaches?
  • Having the confidence to speak in my natural American accent (my accent is… flexible) (I’ll talk about it later)
  • Seeing another East Asian face and not knowing that he/she was most likely a tourist
  • People not assuming that I am a tourist (… all the time)
  • On a similar note, good Chinese food
  • Cheaper public transportation
  • Cheaper everything
  • Not converting prices into euros or pounds sterling or rubles or krones or kronas
    My mental math isn’t what I would like it to be…
  • Bread always coming with butter or oil
  • Portions so large that I felt almost uncomfortably full. Almost. (I am American, therefore I eat and I eat too much.)
  • Not being limited by the number of adapters/converters we brought to charge electronics

This is my list for noooow. I may come back to add more, but I feel like I need to publish before I put it off for half a year. ^^;

It seems like a lot of little, superficial things, but I think it’s often the little things that make you miss home. I am also a bit pre-occupied as I publish this, so maybe something HUGE will hit me later. 😛

What do you miss about your home country when you travel abroad?

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