Weekend Video: A 4 Year Old’s Bucket List

What a sweet video. I have actually been drafting my own bucket list post, and this one just fuels the inspiration I had. 🙂

Life Out of the Box

Life Out of the Box Weekend Video: A 4 year old's bucket list. LOOTB

We love this video because it serves us as a great reminder for how short and precious life really can be. Watching it reminded us both of our own bucket list and think about how many of those items we have been able to cross off. We always appreciate something that make us reflect on our life and helps direct us in the direction of our goals. Let this beautiful video of a 4 year old in Africa accomplish his bucket list and ask yourself how far down your own list you have to go. Maybe it will inspire you go out and cross an item you’ve always wanted to do this weekend.

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Things I will miss about Europe

I don’t think I could live in Europe permanently, but it’s definitely a nice place to visit and I had a great time. Here are a few of the little things that I’m going to miss about Europe while I readjust to life at home here in the States:

(Some of these items are pretty specific to the cities that I visited in the Baltic Sea region. Some aren’t specific to Europe necessarily and can apply to many countries abroad.)

  • Smoked salmon all the time

    A delicacy I will miss
  • Being near the sea
  • Friendly Scandinavian people
  • Reading non-English signs
  • Drinking soda made with real sugar
  • Juxtaposition between a 1-year-old building and a 1000-year-old building
  • How a building is “modern” if it is primarily covered in glass
  • Cities claiming to be “the Venice of the North” (I visited 3)
  • Seeing TV adverts for Game of Thrones while I watch Home Improvement
  • FabergĂ© eggs

  • Castles
  • Throwbacks to medieval and feudal history in general
  • Winter palaces
  • Magnificent cathedrals
  • Bullet holes in scorched stone & brick walls
  • Royal seals and emblems
  • Histories of royal families
  • Dining al fresco
  • Dusting off my 6 years of French “skillz”

I had a lot of fun, and these are just a few of the little things that made my vacation spectacular. I hope I can go back someday.