After spending a day at sea, we arrived in the smallest and least-known country of our tour: Estonia.

VERY tourist-friendly, I highly recommend a visit!

Tallinn is a beautiful city. It is the oldest capital city in Northern Europe! I was told that Estonia was one of the later countries to end feudalism, and this was the explanation provided to me for many of the medieval-era architecture that still remains in the city.

The tower of the Toompea Castle, which, along with this pink Baroque-style building, now houses the Parliament Castle

Despite these omnipresent reminders of its medieval history, Estonia prides itself on its technological advances. Estonia has become a little Baltic Silicon Valley. Skype was invented here. (And they’ll never let you forget it!)

One of my favorite parts of my tour of Tallinn was visiting the Old Towne. You don’t have thousand-year-old structures in America, but in Tallinn, if you looked in the right place, you were transported back to the 1300s.

We also got to browse a little market here, where I almost bought a gorgeous Russian-style faux-fur hat but didn’t because that thing was 30€ say what. Lots of winter clothing being sold for the end of July… XD They were not so down with haggling, though. We did not expect the vendors to let us walk away but that’s exactly what happened.

I don’t have a LOT more to say about Tallinn, because our tour was shorter and it’s a smaller city. I didn’t have a lot of context for a lot of what I learned, and we spent a long time just wandering around as well. But I enjoyed my time there and took lots of really fun photos, so please enjoy 🙂

I saw this ad maybe 10 times. XD
Karen Gillan selling Lays chips.


I have plenty more photos but I’ll spare you for now. I would love to learn more about Tallinn and Estonia!

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