Great Russian Nutcracker

When I was in St. Petersburg (I swear I’ll write that blog post for my next installment of my vacation recaps really soon), we had the option of attending a ballet, a Russian folk dance performance, or an evening out. We opted for the evening out because my dad said that the Moscow Ballet was going to be in the area around Christmas, so I could catch them then.

For my birthday, he got me great seats to see them perform the Great Russian Nutcracker.
Simply put: It was incredible!

My dad got me orchestra seats, so I was really quite close to the stage. I was able to take in the dancers’ faces and their absolutely gorgeous, stunning costumes. It was only difficult at times because there is so much going on onstage and it’s hard to take it all in at once.

After a small hiccup right off the bat of the show (one of the girls fell), the rest of the show went off without a hitch and was so incredibly spectacular. Costuming was SERIOUSLY beautiful. There was one male dancer who was so magnificently tall. I couldn’t tell just how tall he was, since ballet dancers are often a bit short, but his legs went on for miles and miles, like actually. He played the Mouse King and was so great.
(Also he looked a little like Robbie Kay, so I was not ready to see the Mouse King get stabbed, oh no I was not.)

Clockwise from the top: my view of the beautiful theater, me and my friend Rachel, my ticket, my program cover, and in the center is the set

I highly recommend this show! They are touring the country and I believe they do this annually? The Arabian variation was so mind-blowing and breathtaking. You need to see it.

Photo courtesy of the Moscow Ballet
Photo courtesy of the Moscow Ballet

Also, their Dove of Peace was gorgeous.

Photo courtesy of the Moscow Ballet
Photo courtesy of the Moscow Ballet
Photo courtesy of the Moscow Ballet
Photo courtesy of the Moscow Ballet

Go see it if you can!


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