Internet Slowdown Day – 10 Sept 2014

I wanted to keep my distance from net neutrality because I didn’t think it would truly be compromised. I signed a petition during the SOPA/PIPA protests and didn’t think too much of it.

We are now about to see the end of net neutrality. It’s easy to take action and if we don’t, the precedent will be really difficult to reverse. Please sign the petitions going around, and please call your senator if you can.

I’ve always been too scared of calling my senator but it’s easy:

  1. Your senator won’t pick up. It’ll be someone working in his/her office. (Not sure why but this makes me feel a bit better.)
  2. Phone calls >>>>> online petitions as far as impact on elected officials.
  3. There are a lot of scripts that go along with these petitions so just follow along with those and you’re in the clear!

Please act ASAP.


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