Frozen Fever (2015)

I was able to see an early screening of Disney’s newest live-action adaption, Cinderella, last night, my first screening of 2015!

But I’ll level with you: I think a lot of Disney fans were more excited for Disney’s newest animated short than for their newest live-action adaptation. From what I’d seen in my travels through the Disney fandom, Frozen fans were barely hibernating when they were able to spring back up in excitement!

Can I be a bit more honest with you? I was not excited. I was WAY over the hype for Frozen before the movie was even released. The soundtrack was fantastic, yes. Was it a good movie? Sure. But was it hyped beyond belief to the point where most Disnerds are a bit sick of it? YUP.

That being said, “Frozen Fever” was really cute!

Yes, there were some echoes of the original movie that were eye-roll-worthy. (“After all, a cold never bothered me anyway.” UGH, Elsa, no.) And some of the animation seemed recycled:

Pretty sure they just inserted Elsa into the scene of Anna waking up on coronation day? The lighting on Elsa seemed a bit off.

But it all worked to remind you that FROZEN HAPPENED, in case you forgot. They rode bicycles in the hall…

Notice that Anna is holding her favorite food: a SANDWICH!

and even Oaken and a portable sauna make an appearance, among other nods to the movie:

Hoo hoo, medicine!


The premise is that it’s Anna’s first birthday post-events of Frozen and Elsa wants to make everything PERFECT to make up for being a cold ice queen for all of Anna’s life.

Of course, hijnks ensue because, well… think about the title. Also, it’s a Disney short; when AREN’T there hijinks?

It was definitely cute and fun and REALLY, I mean really, reinforced the idea of sisterly love. Elsa makes a lot of very grand gestures for her sister in this movie for Anna’s birthday, so if you’re not used to seeing grand gestures of platonic love, you’re going to be a bit confused. It’s okay, it’s super sweet and thoughtful. I mean, it includes this adorable/awkward family portrait:

I’m going to cut to the trailer now before I spoil too much. Even though I’m really sick of Frozen (and the folks in the theater were REAL sick of it), this was still a fun short to watch. Short and sweet. Definitely good for fans of Frozen and still a treat for Disney fans otherwise.

“Frozen Fever” and Cinderella will be out in theaters March 13th.

 Okay, so. “Frozen Fever” as in Elsa has a cold. As she is an ice queen, this means that every time she sneezes, several little sentient cutie-pie snow creatures pop up.

These tiny little creatures in the bottom corners!
Needless to say that they are the source of many hijinks, when Olaf and Sven aren’t causing trouble themselves.


Then Elsa proceeds to walk around town on a feverish high/drugged up from cold medicine, I’m not sure which it’s supposed to be, but climaxes when she almost falls off the clock tower.

It’s nice because we do get to still see everyone’s personality shine through in this little short. Elsa, who loves her sister above everything else, maybe to a fault. Silly (annoying) Olaf. Kind and goofy Kristoff. Even Oaken.

Then they ship off thousands of sentient little snow babies to live in Elsa’s ice castle with that giant ice monster and I’m like “What are the implications of all these sentient creatures living up in the mountains like this???”

Also, what is with Elsa’s ice powers? They can also do something-something with Anna’s dress? Not even in blue or white but in the great springy colors that is the theme of “Frozen Fever”? WHAT ARE THE LIMITS OF HER POWERS???

Anyway, it was a fun short but let’s put Frozen to rest, okay?



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