March DisneyBound Challenge 2015

Another March, another March DisneyBound Challenge!

DisneyBounding is when you create outfits that are inspired by Disney. It contrasts with cosplaying because you’re not wearing an actual costume. It’s the difference between wearing a tail and wearing green leggings to portray Ariel from The Little Mermaid. It’s a really fun way to get creative and also represent your favorite Disney characters/attractions/whatever. It has become especially popular to do in the Disney parks, as adults are not allowed to wear costumes to the parks. (It would confuse the children, who might mistake them for the character actors.)

As per usual, I am not creative/ambitious enough to do 31 days of Disney-inspired outfits. Last year I squeezed out a few and this year I pushed out even fewer. But I am broadening my DisneyBound horizons, as you’ll see, and thinking outside of the box that I typically use for these outfits.

Bored Prince Charming at the ball
Prince Charming (Cinderella)

I kicked the month off with a Prince Charming look I wore to an early screening of Disney’s live-action Cinderella. I actually wear that blazer + pant combo often because the blazer color poises a bit of a challenge for me to match with other items. I didn’t realize this combination worked for Prince Charming until I was trying to think of a good Cinderella DisneyBound. I mostly do female characters, so Prince Charming is actually the first man I’ve DisneyBounded as. (I’ve done male characters before, but they weren’t human ones.)

Roquefort (The Aristocats)

Roquefort from The Aristocats was my first “obscure” DisneyBound. I typically did characters from more “mainstream” Disney films, and the more primary characters from those films, as those are easier and have more recognizable looks. But I have been wanting to do Roquefort for a while and here was my chance. I don’t have his dandy hat, but I think my red beret is a nice nod to this little mouse who lives in Paris.

Kiki's Delivery Service
Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

Can I confess something? I’ve actually never seen Kiki’s Delivery Service before. (Disney is the distribution partner for Studio Ghibli in the US.) But I’ve known that I can do a Kiki look for some time. I nearly did a similar Kiki look for Halloween a few years ago! At this point in the game, I was starting to feel at a loss for what to do with my face and body. You may recognize this pose/expression from last year’s challenge.) This is my first Studio Ghibli DB and I guess I need to go watch these movies if I want to glean more inspiration for future Miyazaki looks!

Space Mountain
Space Mountain (parks)

For my last look of the month (I only did 4? oops) I have my first non-character DB. As a girl named Starr, you best believe I have tons of things with galaxy print and stars and moons. TONS. I don’t usually wear them all together, but to honor Space Mountain, I thought it was appropriate.

I’m currently brainstorming some DisneyBounds for an upcoming trip I am taking and I will be sure to share them with you. I’m also trying to work up the courage to DisneyBound in actual every day life and not just on the weekends or for Halloween. The problem with me doing that is that some of my items become forever associated with a Disney look. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I can no longer wear my yellow skirt without people calling it my Snow White skirt.

Do you have any suggestions for future DisneyBounds for me to do?
What DisneyBounds have you done/would you like to do?


I just realized I missed a day in my Tuesday/Friday update schedule for the first time since I started, without being on hiatus, and without even noticing? Sometimes time just slips away from you.

So I thought I’d just check in, share some of my finds from the Internet with you all, since I am definitely plugged in way too much.

Currently 32715


Planning on making super flaky scallion pancakes from scratch soon

Trying out healthier living with a fitness tracker, tracking my food & water intake, and some exercise apps

Putting off training for another 5K though…

Dancing along to this dance compilation video:

Finishing my first attempt loaf of homemade banana bread

Thanking the weather overlords for giving us one warm day yesterday and not having it snow today

Thinking critically about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a great show that has gotten several dialogues started

Preparing for a lot of fun to come in April

Reflecting on what Kazuo Ishiguro said at his book reading & signing, and my conversations with my friends from that day

Feeling intrigued by the new Sriracha snack line, as a casual fan of the famous spicy sauce

Congratulating my friend and NoVa Yelp community manager Gretchen on her engagement!!!!!


Just a super quick little update to let you all know what I’ve been up to these days. A March favorites round-up will be coming, and I have planned things out for this little space of mine. I hope you all like it (and that it pans out!).

Happy Friday all! How have you been lately?

Spotlight: JL8

On my 12th birthday, I received a graphic novel from a friend. This was at the height of my manga-loving days. (Heck, it was not the only graphic novel I received that year.) But this one was different because it was the a hard copy of a web comic.

That was my introduction to the world of web comics. I’ve read several over the years, and maybe I’ll spotlight a few more, but today, I want to talk about my favorite. A few years ago, I definitely would not have been table to tell you what my favorite was. I have several web comics on my RSS reader that I read daily.

JL8 is my favorite by far.

JL8 is written and drawn by Yale Stewart. The title means (I believe) “Justice League 8”, as in it is a comic about the Justice League characters as 8-year-old children. The description of the comic as found on the official comic Tumblr is:

“JL8” is a side project of “Gifted” creator Yale Stewart. A weekly webcomic, it follows the adventures of popular DC comic characters as children in elementary school. Mostly funny, with a dash of pathos, it should be an enjoyable read for any fans of DC Comics characters as well as people who enjoy the traditional syndicated comic strip.

Confession: I have both laughed out loud and cried while reading this comic. And while re-reading it. That’s how good it is.

One of Yale’s commissioned pieces, featuring the JL8 gang, their teacher Mr. Schwartz (likely for Julius Schwartz, editor at DC) and gym instructor Mr. Darkseid

If you never read the comics, like myself, you’ll like this. Yale does a great job of writing the comic in a way that the important characters and their personalities are introduced to you. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t know anything about Superman or Batman prior to reading this comic; a few strips in, you get that Clark (Superman) is friendly and optimistic while Bruce (Batman) is broody and a bit of a darker character.

If you are a big fan of DC comics, you are going to love this web comic. Although Yale writes the comics in a way that a complete stranger to the DC comic universe can still enjoy them, the comics are his source material. From reading the comments on the strips as he uploads them to the Facebook page, fans love how characteristic of each person the actions in the story are. There are little nods to events and characters in the comics. If you’re familiar with the comics, you’ll be able to spot foreshadowing and Easter eggs. While I’m not able to enjoy these, the DC comics fans on the Facebook page seem to really love them, and even I’m able to see how much thought and forethought goes into incorporating the source material on Yale’s part.

#15, showing our Justice League cuties during reading hour and already letting us know a lot about each character very early on in the comic

I love how much of each character’s personality comes through, especially in their interactions with each other. This is easily one of the most well-written web comics I’ve ever read, and the art is great as well. Yale has even worked for Marvel, drawing for Nova #100!

Yale Stewart for Marvel

I cannot recommend this comic enough. It is updated the least frequently, at once a week when Yale isn’t doing conventions, but it’s really worth it. I like to go back and just reread it from the start, that’s how good it is. (Also, if you didn’t know who Karen Starr is when I mentioned her in my sidebar, she’s in this comic!)

All images belong to Yale Stewart.

Find Yale at Facebook, Tumblr, deviantART, and Twitter
Follow JL8 at Facebook, Tumblrlimbero (smoother comic reader but unofficial so not always up-to-date), and Twitter 

Do you read JL8 or other web comics?
What are your favorite web comics? 

St. Patrick’s Day Look 2015

I wear green one time a year.
That time is today.
Yep, I got a new green dress. So now I have more than one, how exciting. Another update that you may notice is I have replenished my Mardi Gras bead collection so that I could add a gold strand to my look. I actually really like this dress. The only green I wear is emerald green (love me some jewel tones) and I love the fit and flare. It is a bit short for how flared it is (read: I can’t bend down without flashing my safety shorts to the world) but the flare is what makes it fun!

I still think that the article I shared last year by the Irish American who does not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is worth a read. I only celebrate by dusting off my green clothing and sometimes watching the classic Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM), The Luck of the Irish.

Also, I’m sharing this gorgeous video narrated by Liam Neeson for Discover Ireland for a quick look at Emerald Isle. (And also so you can listen to Liam Neeson’s silky smooth voice.)

 How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, if you celebrate at all? This blog post is essentially the extent of my celebrations!


I don’t have too much to say today. So I’ll just share a few links that might help shed some light on what’s been on my mind for the past few hours.

Recently, the University of Oklahoma cut ties with its chapter of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon in light of a video surfacing where members were chanting racial slurs.

While appropriate disciplinary action against the fraternity is being explored, many people are pushing for something more valuable: a change in the culture. This one chapter of SAE is definitely not the only group guilty of this kind of behavior, as evidenced by the trending Twitter hashtag #NotJustSAE.

Last night, I learned that my alma mater has its own problems with Greek life culture. An email from January 2014 went viral among the student community. I won’t share the email here, but the language was just awful. When I saw it, I thought it was a joke. I mean, the kind of language that was used was almost a caricature of privileged frat bro mentality, how could it be REAL? At the school I attended, no less?

In this email, the author expressed his excitement for rush week, as many people would; it’s an exciting time for anyone in a Greek organization. However, in this very short, 3-sentence email, he is able to do a few things:

  • Use 3 racial slurs in a row, seemingly in an attempt to impress with how many he can use in one breath
  • Demean women
  • Write the phrase “f*ck consent”

I think I stared at my computer screen when I saw this and then immediately hopped over to Twitter. I know that my school community is active on Twitter, especially the POC community. My alma mater was out for blood.

The president of our university released a relatively tame statement last night. This was rather late at night, so I understand why it wasn’t thorough. Today, he took to Twitter to answer the many student concerns about this email. After all, folks were calling for expulsion, banning the fraternity. They were criticizing the weak “diversity training” that was going to be mandated for that fraternity, the lack of attention to more effective sexual assault education for Greek organizations.

I don’t have much else to add that hasn’t already been said. Something needs to be done. Free speech does not infringe upon freedom to be offended. People felt unsafe after reading this email, especially WOC (women of color). That doesn’t mean that the student should be doxxed or have to feel unsafe himself, but something needs to be done. It is not a coincidence that people associate Greek life with these types of incidents. It is not a smear campaign designed to paint them in a bad light. There is a problem within these organizations, maybe stemming from the fact that many of them date back over a century and, because of the insular nature of fraternities and sororities, have not had external checks on their culture.

Not really in the mood to say much else about these incidents at this time. But please do let me know what you think.

What is the best way to respond when something like this happens in your community? I was wondering this last night and stopped wondering when I checked Twitter to see that students were alerting not only the school administration but as many news outlets as they could @reply.
What would you do if you received an email like this from your rush chair?
What if the sender of this email was someone you knew well? Maybe a friend or a roommate?
What should be the disciplinary action in response to an incident like this? 
We get into tricky free speech territory, and SAE is already planning on seeking legal action against their university. What is appropriate? What action is best?