St. Patrick’s Day Look

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This is literally all the green that I own that isn’t a T-shirt that I got for free/for my high school physics trip.

  • The dress & tights are from a Halloween costume I put together a short while back, to give you an idea of how frequently I wear green. (Never Once a year.) I didn’t end up wearing the green tights because I hate wearing green.
  • The beaded necklace is somehow all that’s left from a Mardi Gras set I randomly picked up at some event (where did the purple and gold ones go?)
  • The eyeshadow comes from a giant palette that my friend gave me recently to challenge me to a) learn to use eyeshadow and b) learn to use colors on my face. (I’m also wearing a bit of a silvery-green eyeliner, but it’s hard to see.)
  • The nail polish is actually teal because I would not own green but that’s the closest I could get sorry.

While St. Patrick’s Day is a lot of fun to celebrate here in the States, I think it’s important to reflect on a few things. Here is an account of an Irish-American who doesn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day because of how he feels about the holiday with respect to his irish heritage. It’s a good read and some good food for thought, although it may not be the kind of reading you do before heading out to your St. Paddy’s pub crawl.

How did/are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, if you celebrate at all? All I do is put on the few green things I own, really!


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