St. Petersburg (Day 1)


I say this only because I loved St. Petersburg so much and I have maybe way too much to say/show. (tl;dr St. Petersburg was amazing.)
This was our only Baltic capital that wasn’t a European one, so we had to get blanket visas through a tour company called TJ Travel. (This company also did our Berlin tour for us!) It was nice having a tour guide again as opposed to our usual independent venturing, primarily through hop-on/hop-off (“ho/ho”) buses. Ours was a nice young man named Michael. (I say that like I’m an old lady; I think Michael was at least 2 years older than me.)

My mom told me long ago that she has some traces of Russian ancestry. (This was her explanation for why I don’t have typical Chinese facial features and why people think I’m half-European.) (???) I like the thought of having some Russian ancestry, so this was really an opportunity for me to visit my motherland!

I’m not sure I can accurately articulate how excited I was to visit St. Petersburg. I played “Rumor in St. Petersburg” in my cabin all morning as I got ready to go, if that’s any indication. The song played for maybe 30 minutes straight.

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