Fashion Trends

I cannot keep up with trends.

I’m the person who, by the time I started appreciating the Spice Girls, realized that the Spice Girls had disbanded. (Oy.)

Fashion trends change so fast and a lot of them are kind of super crazy??? Also, a lot of them I just don’t feel comfortable wearing personally because they don’t go with my personal style.

However, my style has changed a bit and I’ve become more observant of things like what’s going on on Tumblr and what F21 and UO and H&M are trying to push onto people at the mall. (If I see another mint green sleeveless oxford…) I know that this means the trends have already trickled down and are on their way out (trust me, I’ve been thinking about some of these pieces for years…) but OH WELL this ain’t a fashion blog, you guys know what you’re getting yourselves into.

Here are a few of the trendy(ish) items that I would (maybe) like to try out:

Galaxy leggings

You may not know this, but I’m really into galaxy printed anything. The first time I saw galaxy leggings was on Black Milk, but those are WAY more expensive than I want to pay for a pair of leggings. (Black Milk has a lot of really cool designs, but they’re charging a lot for spandex…) I have some sets bookmarked on Etsy that I may gift myself later on, but I’m nervous because I don’t wear leggings as pants., so I need to make sure I have something that covers my bum but doesn’t clash with the design of the leggings.

Flower crowns

I think I know these first as a fandom meme (any fannibals out there?) but I really like the look. I like florals and this is a pretty and delicate look. I don’t know when I would ever wear this, though. Not sure I would do this for my bridal look, as I’ve seen a lot of photos, and I’m not cool enough to go to festivals, but I’ll figure something out!Side note: I do really want this for the next time I go to a Disney park though!


Bustier tops

I love the structured look of bustier and corset tops. Clean lines. Structure. UNF. I dig it a lot, clothing-wise. But the fetishization of these items makes me a bit uncomfortable to wear out, since my style is generally more modest. I’ve been lusting after bustiers and corsets for a long time now, and I own a corset top that is maybe a touch too silky for day wear. Soon… I’ll have the confidence (and funds) to fill my wardrobe with fun bustiers and corsets. (For day wearing.)
(Maybe I can find a nice galaxy-printed one! ;P)

Statement necklaces

i just love statement necklaces.. x

Statement necklaces scare me, because I typically only wear delicate necklaces. I don’t like jewelry that calls TOO much attention to itself. (I rarely even wear big pendants.) I also worry about really chunky jewelry, because my frame is pretty small and my neck is long and thin. The more I see them, the more they grow on me, but I’m still too scared to take that leap. Also, I can’t seem to find the right one. My friend has a gorgeous one that she bought at a local crafts fair, so I’ll never be able to find that exact one, but it was simple enough that I would be comfortable to wear it while still making a bold enough statement. Maybe someday.

This is essentially a list of things that, if you ever go shopping with me, I will be looking for.

I was trying to think of more trends that I’d like to try, but I’ve actually managed to try a good handful of the ones I liked. These are the ones that have just eluded me thus far. It often takes me a while to hop onboard certain trends. (I looked for red pants for maybe 2 years…)

To be really honest with you all, I’m still a bit too timid to try some of these trends. I love galaxy-print accessories, but I literally only own black leggings. I like solid colors and big prints scare me. Flower crowns are just… where would I wear those? And I am such a feral creature, how would I keep one on my head? Bustiers… I mentioned my insecurity about how “sexy” they seem, and I’ve had issues in the past with wearing things that I thought were cute but got me unwanted attention. And the statement necklaces. Sigh. SO CHUNKY.

What trends are you currently loving?
What trends would you like to try but haven’t yet? Why haven’t you tried them yet?

(Also, at the risk of disappearing for a long time again, I’m really enjoying posting as frequently as I am! I’m planning to try and BEDA [blog every day April] and these posts are just funsies.) (But don’t ask about the Europe posts yet, those are taking me a while because I start getting nostalgic XD)

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