I just realized I missed a day in my Tuesday/Friday update schedule for the first time since I started, without being on hiatus, and without even noticing? Sometimes time just slips away from you.

So I thought I’d just check in, share some of my finds from the Internet with you all, since I am definitely plugged in way too much.

Currently 32715


Planning on making super flaky scallion pancakes from scratch soon

Trying out healthier living with a fitness tracker, tracking my food & water intake, and some exercise apps

Putting off training for another 5K though…

Dancing along to this dance compilation video:

Finishing my first attempt loaf of homemade banana bread

Thanking the weather overlords for giving us one warm day yesterday and not having it snow today

Thinking critically about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a great show that has gotten several dialogues started

Preparing for a lot of fun to come in April

Reflecting on what Kazuo Ishiguro said at his book reading & signing, and my conversations with my friends from that day

Feeling intrigued by the new Sriracha snack line, as a casual fan of the famous spicy sauce

Congratulating my friend and NoVa Yelp community manager Gretchen on her engagement!!!!!


Just a super quick little update to let you all know what I’ve been up to these days. A March favorites round-up will be coming, and I have planned things out for this little space of mine. I hope you all like it (and that it pans out!).

Happy Friday all! How have you been lately?

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