2021 in Earworms…?

On a whim, back in January, I started keeping track of songs that just popped into my head and wouldn’t go quietly. Now, 12 months later, I have 12 playlists of songs that I couldn’t quite get out of my head.

I tried not to post repeats of songs that were stuck in my head for multiple months but in general what you see is what we had, with maybe one or two exceptions for songs that weren’t on Spotify. Another arbitrary rule I set for myself was that the song couldn’t be something I heard somewhere or was specifically triggered by something, with the exception being if I kept hearing it in my head long after that moment. So for example, if I was watching a movie that had a song, it wouldn’t go on the playlist, but if I was still humming it days later, it would.

My plan was to end a monthly blog post with these but I couldn’t even get 12 blog posts out so, in reverse chronological order… here are the songs that were stuck in my head by month:

Why did I do this? I’m not really sure but I think it’s fun/ny to look back at the eclectic mix of songs and genres that are on each month’s playlist. I don’t consider myself a music buff by any means, nor am I particularly musically gifted. I don’t even listen to that much music, to be honest, because I find it very distracting – I usually have to actively listen to it, and so much of my Spotify listening is instrumental stuff for when I am working, if I listen to music at all.

Fun fact! Last year, the song that had the most persistent hold on me was Joji’s “Slow Dancing in the Dark” but this year it’s Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”. Throughout this entire holiday season, this was the song I sang most days.

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