Photo Diary 2

I’ve been away for a while again but maybe instead of NaNoWriMo-ing (and failing) like I do every other year, I’ll take November to get back into the blogging swing of things.

Here are a few snapshots from life since we last caught up.

I returned to the office for the second time since the pandemic closed our office and have been experimenting with more regular trips in. I feel more productive, but since my entire team has been full-time remote since right before the office closed, I’m evaluating if it’s ultimately worthwhile to be in-person without being able to meet in-person with my teammate.
We joined TooGoodToGo and this was our first haul from Breads Bakery – a half (?) loaf of sourdough, 4 sesame buns, and a hefty portion of mushroom flatbread – for $5!

TooGoodToGo is a way for restaurants (and especially bakeries) to get rid of inventory they would otherwise throw away at the end of the day, and a way for consumers to save these end-of-day items from contributing to our growing food waste problem.
I took myself on a little picnic in Central Park and narrowly avoided getting poured on. Just before reaching the park, after about 15 minutes or heavy rain, I saw this incredible sunset and rainbow. It was such a magical moment that sustained me for my entire (damp) picnic.
Can you believe I first met Christine 6 years ago through this blog and she is now one of the only friends I have been able to see in person since this pandemic began? Such an incredible joy to see her and her husband during their brief visit to NYC!
Channeling dark academia for a visit to the New York Public Library’s Polonsky Exhibition, which is their incredible exhibit of treasures including things like a Gutenberg Bible, Beethoven manuscripts, cuneiform tablets, and more. I first got to see some of these pieces a decade ago and it brought me to literal tears, so it was incredible getting to see it again and I hope to go back again and often.
Was it just me or did this year’s Halloween lack its usual spoop? As someone trying to get more into cosplay, I’ve had my costume planned out for months and months, but didn’t really get enough spirit to do a full look. Here’s my Starlight look from The Boys (please let me know if you watch and want to discuss!)
I actually spent Halloween hiking with my in-laws. One thing I will say about October is we’ve had many nice, crisp, autumnal days, as opposed to years where we seem to go straight from hot summer to frigid winter. Halloween was cool and windy and even though the leaves haven’t quite changed yet, it was still a really lovely hike!

And surprisingly, I’m still doing monthly ear worm playlists! 🎵

I’ll try to pop in more regularly (although I’m hesitant to come back to posting “on schedule”) because I think it helps a lot. This pandemic has made me feel like it’s silly for me to be documenting anything that isn’t serious but I think it’s important to have this to look back on even just for myself. I hope that these little breaks can help someone out there, too.

We have 2 months left in the year!
What are you looking forward to as we wrap up 2021?

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