I literally can’t think of anything to write right now. I’m completely blanking and, if I’m being honest, I feel likeI’m heading towards burnout? So I figured it would be easiest to just spit out whatever was currently on my mind.

đŸ“ș Watching… Never Have I Ever on Netflix. I really love the show so far. It’s funny and gives me a ton of feels. (I cried during episode 2.) I thought that the storylines would be a little dumb or cheesy, but they hit much closer to home than I thought this show would do.

Oh gosh, this throwback…

😋 Craving… Japanese soufflĂ© pancakes. I’ve never had them before but I think what I’m craving is sweet breakfast food and the soft texture? I’ve seen some recipe videos, so maybe when I’m feeling really ambitious I’ll attempt to make them…?

đŸ’ƒđŸ» Grooving to… some oldies that used to autoplay when you opened my Xanga:

😓 Worrying about… the weird cracking I keep hearing during my workouts? It seems like the cartilage in all my joints just has to work something out when I go through stuff, and I’m feeling a lot of extra tightness and pain in my right hip that I would really rather not.

I don’t know, all, my brain is kind of blank. There isn’t really much else on my mind right now, which is maybe an okay thing.


It’s been a while since I did a quick little “Currently” post but let’s go with it?

đŸ“ș Watching… Westworld season 3 every Sunday on HBO and I just started watching The Boys on Prime

đŸ€” Thinking about… future costumes, for conventions and for Halloween. (I usually start thinking about Halloween around… May…?) Confession: While the premise of The Boys has always been interesting to me, I basically started watching after I saw a costume from the show on social media that really caught my eye.

🎼 Backseat gaming… Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt still because it is the game of the moment in this household

😆 Gleefully enjoying…  watching parents participate in TikTok things with their children. Specifically, this dad and this family are two of note that I shared with a friend literally 5 minutes before typing this.

🍛 Digesting… many day’s worth of Go! Go! Curry!, which was the highly requested ordered-out meal this past weekend.

đŸ˜Č In awe of… this absolutely stunning setup that puts everything else on r/battlestations to absolute shame

By the AMAZING @brittnaynay3

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Mid-May Currently

It’s been a little while since I’ve just taken a minute to talk to you about what I am doing and how things are going, so I thought I’d take this moment right here to do just that.

Appreciating some unadulterated sunshine after experiencing the longest rainy streak that DC has ever seen. (Even though it’s back to rain today… sigh…) Thankfully, while we had rainfall every day for over 2 weeks straight, we did have sun last weekend and the sun was out this weekend. Usually, the weather gives us nice weather during the work week and rain on the weekends, so it was nice to have the sky grant us some sun when it wasn’t pouring. (Yeah, it still rained…)

Feeling proud that I have any spring break posts up at all, to be honest, but all my Vegas posts are now available (all three days!) and the LA posts will follow.

Enjoying my cleaner place, since it has been a long time since I addressed little piles of messes that I have accumulated everywhere.

Tickled that Christine met my friends Tim, Priscilla, and Annie during Yelp’s Spring Break in San Diego! (My dad was also in San Diego, if any of you were able to find him!)

This photo was the happy ending that resulted from much awkwardness and me being a creeper from 3000 miles away.

Settling into a regular routine at work, finally, and really appreciating the wonderful and funny people on my team.

Trying really fairly hard to eat healthier and do the 7-Minute Workout daily as I have regained all of my pre-food poisoning weight and then some.

Grooving to the soundtrack of Hamilton, always, and trying to get Ben as amped about it as I am. (Also, still so jealous that Gretchen got tickets!!)

If you haven’t seen this Ham4Ham, it’s pretty fantastic!

Eating chia pudding every [work]day in celebration of my finally restocking my chia seeds.

Tentatively happy about the sibling reunions on this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. Hugs all around! These episodes needed more hugs and I am glad we got some.

Questioning the numbers and letters that we use to determine our clothing size, what they actually mean (hint: nothing), and why we get so attached to certain ones.

Anyhow, that’s kind of what I’ve been up to lately. What about you?


Currently 040415

When my life isn’t too eventful, the Internet steps in to be exciting for me. When my life does get busy, well the Internet doesn’t sleep. Here’s a few things I wanted to share!

Dancing along to this incredible lip sync video through the ages

Reflecting on the the implications of the crazy ride that is the now-viral Brother Orange story. (Not going to lie, I cried a little by the end.)

Trailer for the upcoming documentary based on the whole ordeal

On a similar note, learning about how technology is changing China, as with this story of how people use the “Shake” feature on WeChat to find love

Chuckling at how passionate this redditor is about keeping grilled cheeses and melts as separate entities on /r/grilledcheese

Excited that Cards Against Humanity is releasing a science-themed card pack to benefit women in STEM

Disappointed in how cruel people can be, as attested by a TED editor after Monica Lewinsky’s excellent talk about public shaming

 Giggling a bit that the new AP Stylebook changes include that BLT is acceptable on first reference

I’m going to be changing up how these little posts look, but do you like them? Do you want to see more/less of a certain kind of thing I share? Please let me know and happy Saturday!


I just realized I missed a day in my Tuesday/Friday update schedule for the first time since I started, without being on hiatus, and without even noticing? Sometimes time just slips away from you.

So I thought I’d just check in, share some of my finds from the Internet with you all, since I am definitely plugged in way too much.

Currently 32715


Planning on making super flaky scallion pancakes from scratch soon

Trying out healthier living with a fitness tracker, tracking my food & water intake, and some exercise apps

Putting off training for another 5K though…

Dancing along to this dance compilation video:

Finishing my first attempt loaf of homemade banana bread

Thanking the weather overlords for giving us one warm day yesterday and not having it snow today

Thinking critically about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a great show that has gotten several dialogues started

Preparing for a lot of fun to come in April

Reflecting on what Kazuo Ishiguro said at his book reading & signing, and my conversations with my friends from that day

Feeling intrigued by the new Sriracha snack line, as a casual fan of the famous spicy sauce

Congratulating my friend and NoVa Yelp community manager Gretchen on her engagement!!!!!


Just a super quick little update to let you all know what I’ve been up to these days. A March favorites round-up will be coming, and I have planned things out for this little space of mine. I hope you all like it (and that it pans out!).

Happy Friday all! How have you been lately?