It’s been a while since I did a quick little “Currently” post but let’s go with it?

📺 Watching… Westworld season 3 every Sunday on HBO and I just started watching The Boys on Prime

🤔 Thinking about… future costumes, for conventions and for Halloween. (I usually start thinking about Halloween around… May…?) Confession: While the premise of The Boys has always been interesting to me, I basically started watching after I saw a costume from the show on social media that really caught my eye.

🎮 Backseat gaming… Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt still because it is the game of the moment in this household

😆 Gleefully enjoying…  watching parents participate in TikTok things with their children. Specifically, this dad and this family are two of note that I shared with a friend literally 5 minutes before typing this.

🍛 Digesting… many day’s worth of Go! Go! Curry!, which was the highly requested ordered-out meal this past weekend.

😲 In awe of… this absolutely stunning setup that puts everything else on r/battlestations to absolute shame

By the AMAZING @brittnaynay3

😰 Sweating after… keeping up with Blogilates’s 14-day quarantine workout, in addition to working on a ~secret~ fitness goal and trying to attend the free classes that were recently made available to me. Going from literally ZERO exercise to daily exercise is, unsurprisingly, really exhausting and I want to lie facedown in horizontal position for the remainder of shelter-in-place.

💆🏻‍♀️Attempting to… get back on track with my skincare. My skin has been suffering from the weeks of exhaustion and barely washing my face, so I’m trying to figure out what it needs and how to give it that. At first, I thought I needed to exfoliate it a bit, assuming I just had a layer of yuck sitting on top from the lack of facewashing, but then my skin got really sensitive after a few days so now I’m trying to focus on hydration instead. I’ve fallen a long way from the March Mask Challenge.

😋 Craving… baked goods. I had been craving an almond croissant since… like January??? And I still want one, okay? Also, I saw a video about doughnuts so, naturally, I also want doughnuts. But honestly, it doesn’t even have to be sweet; a slice of fresh bread dipped in olive oil or slathered in butter would be heavenly. I am not one of the people who has been baking in quarantine but I really wish I were.

🙅🏻‍♀️ Not thinking about… the coronavirus, to be honest. After everything here, and having accepted that I will be not leaving this building until there are tests available for my husband and I to check for antibodies and/or immunity, it’s just been easier for me to stay sane without knowing how much worse it’s getting out there. It’s really hard for me to avoid the headlines, given that I work for… a news media company… and sometimes I feel like I’m turning a blind eye. But I have to tell myself that I can’t do much else if I don’t take care of my mind and this is what I need to do to get myself back to a functioning state, I think.

What have you been up to lately?

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