14-Day Quarantine Workout?

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I am not great about working out and, when I do commit to it, I prefer doing classes because the external accountability keeps me on track.

Of course, with shelter-in-place and self-quarantines abound, the scant classes I was attending are no longer an option to me. So many fitness studios and individual instructors have made workouts available online, via YouTube and Instagram Live and IGTV and more, and I’m really grateful for it! However, I do feel overwhelmed by the choices that are available to me! Do I try dance fitness? Or a HIIT (high intensity interval training) class? Maybe boxing? Yoga??

It’s been a bit too much, which is a convenient excuse for me to just do none of them. 🙃

I’m learning a bit about what kind of home classes I like doing. For example, I don’t like spending so much time on Instagram, so the plethora of amazing classes on IG Live or IGTV don’t appeal to me as much. Live classes are still helpful for me because the external accountability of being on time and going through a full class help. (Although I will be honest and admit that I have just stopped partway through a too-hard tabata class, I’m grateful that I can work out with my camera off.) I’ve also had some success following along with YouTube workouts when I am looking for a specific type of workout, for those truly rare occasions when I actually know what I want.

Blogilates’s 14-Day Workout Plan

With 14 days left in the month, I thought maybe I should try to add a different type of external accountability to my routine to get me up and moving more. Cassey Ho, aka blogilates, posted this 14-day plan a few weeks ago and I thought it was worth a shot! I’ll be starting with day 1 (“quarantine cardio”) today and finishing up on April 30, when BEDA ends, too. You know me: I love rising to an arbitrary challenge…?

Let me know if you want to join me or if you have suggestions for other challenges and workouts for me to try! I have been lowkey trying to achieve a fitness goal but maybe I should announce it here for that accountability… but not today!

4 thoughts on “14-Day Quarantine Workout?

  1. Aww yay! I meant to do her April challenge but failed lol (also my yoga mat is back at my apartment and also Ry’s studio does not have much by way of space to workout lmao) But I think a 2-week one is more doable! Thanks for posting!!

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