12 Days of Fever

Note: I spoke with my husband about how comfortable he is sharing his experience being sick on the Internet. He isn’t, so this post will primarily focus on my experience taking care of him.

Ben Lighthouse
From our visit to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum

I started writing and writing and writing and it wound up being really long. I haven’t really been talking to people about this experience because… I don’t know, I haven’t really processed that it all happened yet. My husband is literally still in isolation today.

My husband had a high fever starting exactly 14 days after we began self-quarantining, aka the maximum amount of time that the novel coronavirus can supposedly be incubated by a person. It burned for 12 days straight, during which time I felt very alone, almost like we were in a distance relationship, with the distance being the space between our living room and the bedroom he was isolating in, and I stopped taking care of myself. Thankfully, he was never sick enough to be able to get a test here in New York, and his fever finally broke this past weekend. I’m learning that I really just let this entire experience destroy me and I’m trying to recover now. He is feeling significantly better and will be ending isolation soon. I’m finally allowing myself to rest.

Stay home, please. To keep yourself from having to endure even a “mild” case like ours. To keep others from the same. To lessen the load on our healthcare workers and other essential workers. Please.

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