Make sure you rest

Hi all,

Fighting the urge to spring right back to lists on lists on lists, but I just wanted to say that I know many of you are starting to… feel it this week. We have been sheltering in place for weeks now and it is not normal, even if we are settling into our new routines.

It may be routine but it’s not normal.

Even people who have been working full-time remote/from their homes for years have been feeling it. I have been reading accounts where people who have worked from their home offices for over a decade are starting to feel burned out for the first time in their careers.

We are dealing with a lot, mentally, even those of us who have been avoiding the news. People are constantly talking about it, after all, so unless you are also avoiding social interaction (which seems ill-advised during this time), you can’t really avoid it.

So please take the time to rest and make sure you’re taking care of yourself, especially if you have been taking care of others. If you have something that you’ve been saving for a special occasion, well… this may not be the kind of special occasion you had in mind, but it certainly is “special”. Eat the fancy whatever in your pantry or use the nice thingamabob you were gifted. Wear your favorite shirt, even if it’s a holiday-themed and has a stain on it.

Let me know how you’re taking care of yourself during these times. I am taking the time to cook good meals for myself when I can (even though I am still figuring out time management around preparing my lunches) and doing a looooot of stretching. Also, I sit on the floor of my bathroom in the dark, because it’s the darkest room of my apartment and I get migraines, but with a candle to make it feel nice and not sad.

Take care.