Earth Day 50 🌏


Day Earth GIF by Sophie Corrigan

Earth Day has long been one of my favorite holidays, because I have long been a planet-loving tree-hugging kind of girl. I still fondly remember working for my middle school newspaper and volunteering to do an article on Earth Day…

… and submitting essentially an entire zine about Earth Day. (Weirdly enough, it wasn’t put in the paper…)

This year’s Earth Day actually marks the 50th anniversary of the holiday: the first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970 and marks the beginning of the modern environmental movement.

We all know by now that, thanks to decades of ongoing hurt inflicted upon our home, we have to be active about trying to nurse it back to health, for our own sake and for the sake of the generations to come after us. I felt really inspired attending September’s Global Climate Strike, where I saw so many young people fighting so hard to preserve our planet.

Part of me felt disappointed with myself for not having made as much of an impact myself with regards to the climate movement, especially when I compare my fervor now to when I was these students’ age. But I am trying to remember that I have made a lot of eco-friendly changes in my life that counts!

And remember that corporate spending and wasting matters a lot more to the planet than whether a coffeeshop offers plastic straws or not, but millions of people using fewer plastic straws doesn’t hurt!

Here are a few things I’ve changed/added to my life in my efforts to lessen my negative impact on the Earth:

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