It’s been a while since I did a quick little “Currently” post but let’s go with it?

📺 Watching… Westworld season 3 every Sunday on HBO and I just started watching The Boys on Prime

🤔 Thinking about… future costumes, for conventions and for Halloween. (I usually start thinking about Halloween around… May…?) Confession: While the premise of The Boys has always been interesting to me, I basically started watching after I saw a costume from the show on social media that really caught my eye.

🎮 Backseat gaming… Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt still because it is the game of the moment in this household

😆 Gleefully enjoying…  watching parents participate in TikTok things with their children. Specifically, this dad and this family are two of note that I shared with a friend literally 5 minutes before typing this.

🍛 Digesting… many day’s worth of Go! Go! Curry!, which was the highly requested ordered-out meal this past weekend.

😲 In awe of… this absolutely stunning setup that puts everything else on r/battlestations to absolute shame

By the AMAZING @brittnaynay3

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