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When my life isn’t too eventful, the Internet steps in to be exciting for me. When my life does get busy, well the Internet doesn’t sleep. Here’s a few things I wanted to share!

Dancing along to this incredible lip sync video through the ages

Reflecting on the the implications of the crazy ride that is the now-viral Brother Orange story. (Not going to lie, I cried a little by the end.)

Trailer for the upcoming documentary based on the whole ordeal

On a similar note, learning about how technology is changing China, as with this story of how people use the “Shake” feature on WeChat to find love

Chuckling at how passionate this redditor is about keeping grilled cheeses and melts as separate entities on /r/grilledcheese

Excited that Cards Against Humanity is releasing a science-themed card pack to benefit women in STEM

Disappointed in how cruel people can be, as attested by a TED editor after Monica Lewinsky’s excellent talk about public shaming

 Giggling a bit that the new AP Stylebook changes include that BLT is acceptable on first reference

I’m going to be changing up how these little posts look, but do you like them? Do you want to see more/less of a certain kind of thing I share? Please let me know and happy Saturday!

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