SCK Adventures: Memorials & Memories (Day 4)

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When Sunday rolled in, we had our best weather yet. It was sunny, it was warm, the weather was essentially perfect. It made it all the more sad to me that I couldn’t spend the entire beautiful day with my rays of California sunshine.

TL;DR Farm-to-belly brunch, memorial walk, and… saying goodbye to Karen and Christine

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SCK Adventures: Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out? (Day 3)

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When the weekend rolled in, we also got: (1) nicer weather and (2) HELLA tourists. Since Christine and Karen had basically been scarred by the crowds at the Air & Space Museum, we kept it low-key and opted to not actually visit the Cherry Blossom Festival during peak.

TL;DR Taipei in Maryland, sweets tour of Georgetown, speakeasy uneasiness, AYCE KBBQ & shabu

(Also, I don’t have many photos from Saturday, so sorry!)

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SCK Adventures: Nomz, Museums, and Late Nights (Day 2)

(Day 1)

Day 2 is probably the morning that we woke up most refreshed after getting the most amount of sleep during this SCK adventure. This is because of what happened at the end of Day 2, but we’ll get to that.

TL;DR We focus a lot on food today, kicking off with fried food galore, doing some museum hopping in the afternoon, and then going out for a night on the town with friends before eating a late night meal at 4 AM.

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SCK Adventures: Karen & Christine Take on DC (Day 1)

Once upon a time, there was a bored girl recovering from the fall of a mystical blogging platform called Xanga. She noticed that had a “Suggested blogs” feature, through which she found two lovely California girls named Christine and Karen. After months and months of chatting online, it was decided that they would visit me and see DC. Plane tickets were purchased, air mattresses were inflated…

This weekend, they learned that I am, indeed, too lazy to pull off an elaborate catfish plan, hurray! We had a JAM-PACKED weekend, so let’s get straight to it!

TL;DR – I didn’t catfish my new friends, exploring Union Station and Shake Shack, silly faces at the National Postal Museum, mind-blowing beauty at the Library of Congress, a dreary pre-tourist mob view of the cherry blossoms, and a bar themed after a US president because DC.
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The Great Washington Bucket List

A few weeks okay, The Washingtonian published “The Great Washington Bucket List: 50 Things Every Local Needs to Do“. Reading through this list, I realize I have been missing out on a lot of great DC activities and foods, even though I’ve visited as a tourist and as a semi-local.

So why not try to make my way through the list?

Starting today, 5 April 2014, I’m going to try to do all 50 items on this list. With the Cherry Blossom festival upon us, I can make some festival-related ones happen very soon. (Although I have already missed the kite festival, so that’ll have to wait until next year!) Again, some of these I have done before, but I figured it’d be nice to try to do them as part of a little blog series here, if you will.

Here are the 50 things on the list, with links to the Washingtonian’s description of each activity. As I complete each bucket list item, I will add a [x] with the link the the blog post recapping that experience.

  1. 50 States Bike Ride
  2. Air Force Memorial Concert
  3. Annapolis Day Trip
  4. Arlington National Cemetery
  5. Blossom Kite Festival
  6. Boundary Stones Tour
  7. Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin
  8. City Sights — From a Metrobus
  9. Civil War Battlefields
  10. Congressional Cemetery
  11. Ford’s Theatre
  12. Fourth of July Fireworks on the Mall
  13. Frederick Douglass House
  14. George Washington’s Mount Vernon by Boat
  15. Great Falls Rafting
  16. High Heel Race
  17. House of Representatives Debate
  18. Inaugural Ball
  19. Kennedy Center
  20. Kingman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival
  21. Library of Congress Main Reading Room
  22. Lincoln Memorial
  23. Marine Corps Marathon and Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run
  24. Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon
  25. Monument Tour
  26. Mount Vernon Trail
  27. Museums Around the Mall
  28. National Arboretum by Moonlight
  29. National Archives and DAR Library
  30. National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial
  31. National Zoo Elephant Trails Tour
  32. Old Rag Mountain
  33. Only-in-Washington Food Experiences
  34. Passport DC Embassy Tour
  35. Peking Duck at Peking Gourmet Inn
  36. Political Protest
  37. Pope-Leighey House
  38. President Lincoln’s Cottage
  39. Prime Rib at the Prime Rib
  40. Rock Creek Park on Horseback
  41. Rolling Thunder
  42. Round Robin Bar
  43. Sculpture Garden Ice Rink
  44. Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
  45. Supreme Court Oral Argument
  46. US Holocaust Memorial Museum
  47. Washington Monument
  48. Washington National Cathedral Tower
  49. The White House
  50. White House Correspondents’ Dinner Event

It would be hasty to just try to dive into this list in this alphabetical order, so I’ve broken it down for you all in the following categories:

  • Free, year-round, in DC proper
  • Occur once a year, during certain months, etc.
  • Need to travel outside of the District
  • Food/drink


GWBL Calendar

GWBL Outside

GWBL Food Drink
Look up “Obama eating” if you’re ever feeling down.

The only items not on these lists, I believe, are:

  • City Sights — From a Metrobus
  • Frederick Douglass House
  • Kennedy Center
  • President Lincoln’s Cottage

This won’t be an easy list to accomplish, and it’ll take at least a year. I just missed the kite festival and the sculpture garden ice rink is already closed. Also, how am I supposed to get into the Correspondents’ Dinner?

Anyway, it’s nice to give some structure to my goal of getting to know The District a little bit better. Most of these items I have never done before, so I’m really excited!

How many of these activities have you done?
Which ones do you think are the must-do DC activities?