Here we go again

So sorry that my posting has been so sporadic/non-existent yet again. I recently started a new job that has been taking up a lot of time as I try to settle into a new routine. I’m also moving out of my apartment and maybe my parents are moving so I have to take care of stuff back there…

… a lot is going on. What’s new? And who isn’t busy, right?

I have been sneaking in time to draft a few posts, so I’m really hoping I can find a routine that includes time for this blog by the time June rolls around.

What do you mean it’s June in a few days? WELL THEN, I hope I have some posts ready for you all by then. I will try to get back on the Tuesday/Friday update schedule in June.

Coming soon will be:

  • Florida recap posts (I have to finish uploading and editing photos from that trip)
  • More Eat DC posts (that I wasn’t able to finish before Karen & Christine visited)
  • EUROPE RECAPS I SWEAR I will not allow myself to die before these are done
  • Much, much more

I have so many drafts right now, I just need to buckle down, polish them up, take care of photos (easily the most dreaded part of the process for me), and hit “Publish”. Because, at the end of the day, I blog because I do enjoy doing it a lot. I have for over a decade now and I like to share my life and thoughts here whether you want to hear it or not.