We Said Let’s: Our Engagement Story

I don’t talk the details of my relationship too much, on this blog or in general, even though I talk about Ben all the time, because it is very personal to me and Ben. We have been so happy together the past 6 years and happier yet that this is a happiness that we get to share exclusively with each other. But today, I share some of that happiness with you all.

9.9.17. 九九一七。久久一起。

Today marks 6 years of Ben and I being together, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to tell you about our engagement.

We planned every aspect of getting engaged together.
We bought the ring together.
We picked the date together. In Chinese, 9-9-1-7, 九九一七, jiu jiu yi qi, sounds phonetically like 久久一起, “together for a long, long time”. It was too perfect of a pun to not take advantage of. (From my experience, a lot of, if not most, Chinese humor and superstition is based on wordplay because the language allows for so many words to sound similar or the same.)

After we wrapped up at the museums, as we walked along the Seine, with the Pont Alexandre III and the Tour Eiffel in view, we found a quiet bench and he put the ring we selected together on my hand. (After we waited for a skater dude and an old woman to pass us by.)

We went to dinner engaged.

No wedding planning has started but we are definitely in the market for wedding/couple hashtags! My brother’s friend recently gave me some really good ones but I am terrible with these, that’s for sure.

But on Instagram, in the photos I’ve posted about us getting engaged, I went with a simple one that I thought captured how we felt when we (“finally”) got engaged: