Draft Graveyard (i)

During my first ever FaceTime (what is this Apple technology??) session with Christine last night, we realized that not only do I have an obnoxious number of drafts, but I should probably get rid of a lot of them because they are just dead weight. They consist of nothing more than a title, most of the time, and have since become un-timely to post ever. Christine thought it’d be funny for me to share a few of these draft titles before I trash them forever, so here we go!

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Domain Obtained!

A wise woman once told me:

Boys will come and go, but blogs are forever.

I didn’t need much more persuasion after that! I decided that one of my first new paycheck gifts to myself would be purchasing a domain name for this little blog where I’ve made my home. I’ve been blogging since 2001 but having my own domain name has only been an idea for a few years. I was nervous because I change my online username about once every 5 years.

Basically, when it comes to blogging, I’m afraid of commitment. What if I get sick of being sipofstarrshine in a year? In a month? A week? A day? What if I’m sick of it now?

Oh well. If that time comes, I’ll deal with it then. But for now, I have a shiny new domain name, whoo!

It took a while for me to actually sit down and purchase it. I don’t know, I wanted to have a special occasion for it, like how I want to have a good day to start my new diaries on. (Usually birthdays, calendar years, big holidays, school years…)

… I guess Revenge of the Fifth is a good enough non-reason as any! (I had a great May the Fourth post ready but didn’t get it out in time. Next year!)

Shoutout to Christine & Karen for being super supportive of me and this big-kid step!

BEDA – Blog Every Day April

I thought I’d try blogging every day for the month of April as an exercise to remind myself that not every blog needs to be something that I put a whole lot of thought and effort into. Blogging used to be really casual for me, and I liked that about it. I started gaining a small readership when I started posting more frequently, and I think that made me feel like I had to step up my game a little bit.

BUT duh, people started reading when I was posting frequently and without spending too much time on posts. So why not let myself off the hook a little and just relax?

Posts that you’ll see in April include:

TL;DR – I will be word-vomiting every day for the month of April. Brace yourselves.

BEDA with me? 😀

{ UPDATE } This is challenging, but it’s a good exercise for me to just push out posts and just focus on hitting “Publish”.  I hope the quality isn’t suffering too much! (aka my posts weren’t that great before anyway :P)