Day 2 — Your crush

(For the sake of making this a little interesting and not dedicating half my letters to my boyfriend, this will be someone else.)
(For the sake of making this extra fun… well, you’ll see.)

Dear Colin,

I don’t know which came first – my overinvestment in Once Upon a Time or the first promotional photos of Killian Jones, but I miss seeing you on Sunday evenings.
And on Hulu when I felt like rewatching/catching up on an episode.
And on the #ouat tag on Tumblr that is getting a bit annoying so I’ve stopped checking in on that.
And also on the #killianjones tag.

It is embarrassing how much I loved seeing you with Sara Bolger in that one episode of The Tudors, specifically the clip on Youtube that I can’t watch at work because I dissolve into a sad mess when I do.

In typical teen girl fashion, I like that you’re in a band. I don’t know, I like it. I don’t think I need to justify this.

In any case, please continue to be great. If you ever reply to one of my tweets, please know that I’d be giddy all day as a result.