Asian Supermarkets!

So yesterday, walking through our local Korean supermarket, I realized I used to have so much fun at the supermarket as a little kid!

Things I used to do in Asian supermarkets include:

– Sitting on the rice bags (Parents: “Don’t put your butt on rice other people have to eat.” Good point.)
– Fence with the crabs
– Make fish faces at the fish
– Play with the ice in the seafood section (Not very hygienic…)
– Get lost (Just about every time… this was less fun than everything else xD)

One of these days, I want to grab some friends and a video camera and try this out again. (Except that rice thing. Now I feel bad if I even think about sitting on someone else’s rice. ><) Let’s Youtube that stuff.
The supermarket is still fun, I just can’t be nearly as crazy as I used to be. Did you guys ever do fun stuff at the supermarket? I remember I used to get free cookies at the A&P bakery just by asking. Good times.

Also, question for those of you who don’t really go to Asian supermarkets, what do you think of them? I don’t find bins of seafood just sitting around weird at all, but that’s because I’ve been seeing them for years now. How else are you supposed to buy crabs?? I don’t understand.

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