“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

From my own experiences, in addition to other people’s, from what I read on blogs and the like, this proverb becomes intensely relevant to our relationships with our parents.

Describing a Cold Person…

Me: She’s an ice queen. She’s scary because when you look into her eyes, it’s so cold that you see penguins.
Him: Penguins are cute, though.
Him: Oh.
Me: Penguins that have frozen to death because THAT’S HOW COLD SHE IS.
Him: …
Me: IT KILLS PENGUINS, which are acclimated to very cold temperatures.
Him: Okay, I got it, stop making me think of dead penguins, that’s depressing.

On a less depressing note, here’s a pocket penguin, courtesy of chibird!

Pressure to Perform

I find that I often put off blogging a lot because I don’t want to write something bad

This happens especially when I have a big post in mind (super fun weekend, lots of opinions…) and I know it may take a little more work to do things like inserting my photos, getting links in, etc.

I’ll try to focus on JUST UPDATING. I hope the quality of my posts doesn’t suffer in the meanwhile… =/

(Also, I will finish that letter challenge! Honest!)