Dusk, By Any Other Name…

Yesterday, while I was driving home from work, I saw the most gorgeous array of colors in the sky as the sun set. Since I was driving, I wasn’t able to photograph it.

So I thought I’d try painting a picture for you all, an exercise in articulating my thoughts.

The entire sky seemed to be ablaze. Instead of light beaming down from the sun in its pocket of the sky, I felt bathed by the glow of every cloud, reflecting a soft rosy warmth from every direction.

Blushing feathery wisps were spread across the heavens. The rare slices of sky that were not this dusty pink remained a vibrant blue, cerulean spilling forth and stealing glances between swirls of clouds aflame.

As the sun continued its dive towards the horizon, the flush of the clouds gave way to vivid plum hues, the ends of which were still dripping with that fiery scarlet. The dusky violets crept across the sky, overtaking the persistent azure, chasing the retreating embers until they shrinked back, back behind the treetops.

Or something like that.


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