Ride Along (2014)

In addition to seeing an advanced screening of Thor: The Dark World (which I really hope all of you get a chance to see very soon!), I also got to see an extra advanced screening of Ride Along, as well as almost touch Ice Cube, the star, and Will Packer, the producer.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SRSLY I ALMOST TOUCHED HIM IT WAS AMAZING.


Ice Cube and Will Packer are currently screening this movie for a college tour they’re doing. The premise is that Kevin Hart’s character is a security guard who wants to be a cop and wants to marry Ice Cube’s character’s sister. Ice Cube also happens to be a tough cop who doesn’t approve of goofy Kevin Hart.

This movie was HILARIOUS. I did not expect to like it that much at all, but I laughed really hard. I’m not going to give it the same glowing recommendation as I do other movies, but if you like Kevin Hart and/or Ice Cube, this is DEFINITELY a good movie to check out.

Reasons to see this movie:

  • You like to laugh.
  • You like Ice Cube.
  • You like Kevin Hart.
  • You’re a gamer (especially one who plays shooters)
  • You like opposites-attract buddy cop movies (e.g. The Other Guys, The Heat)

Lots of laughs, but you’ll have to wait until January for this one.

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