Friday Favorites (Pi Day!)

Today is Pi Day, so I thought I’d dedicate some of today’s Friday Favorites to my favorite types of pie.

Now I gotta be real with you guys: I really like pie. A lot. There is a heated pie vs. cake debate, and I don’t want to get started there because I don’t understand who is making anyone choose, you can have both.

I digress.

Here is a list of my favorite pies!

  • Apple, ever the all-American classic
  • Pumpkin, which I really only eat around Thanksgiving but I’m sure it tastes good all year round
  • Cherry, although sometimes the tartness is too tart
  • Key lime, where my current favorite is served at Red Lobster (it is so good) (so good)
  • Chicken pot pie, which is the first and only pie I’ve really eaten that is not a dessert pie
  • Pizza, because I’m from New Jersey and apparently not everyone calls it a pizza pie?
    Gooey Melty Thin Crust Cheese Pizza

Non-themed roundups may come eventually. XD

Happy Pi Day! What are you favorite pies?

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