Best of Wale [playlist]

I’m seeing Wale and Big Sean live today and I’m so excited.

It’s difficult to say when, but I became a pretty big Wale fan about 2 years ago? I definitely remember listening to Ambition frequently when I was interning in North Carolina the summer of 2012. I think the fact that he’s local, reppin’ DC and frequently making shout-outs to PG and Montgomery counties has something to do with it.

In any case, I was really obsessed with “Lotus Flower Bomb” (one of my songs to stay on), and I loved Ambition a lot.

This mix is mostly stuff that wasn’t played on the radio, but there is really good stuff.

I’m not really as big a fan of Big Sean.
His verse in “Mercy” is one of my favorite things ever. I love when “hard” rappers make ridiculous puns in their verses because it just reveals how dorky they are, essentially. (I see you, Luda. Don’t think that making puns out of the word “ho” means you aren’t a huge dork.) So shout-out to that verse that makes the entire song for me (and I may or may not have memorized whoops):

Do you like Wale or Big Sean?
Do you have any favorite musicians that are from your area?