Currently (May 2014)

I haven’t been doing as much day-to-day living blogging this month, mostly because I’ve been really busy with work and my long commute. I wanted to just give you all a quick little update as to what I’ve been up to!

Congratulating the graduating class of 2014 by sharing some of my never-before-seen graduation photos, like the one above.

Watching Sailor Moon on Hulu and loving it, despite how long the magical girl transformation sequence is each… and every… time.


Making flower crowns and quickly realizing that I should not feel insecure about the flowers being small; I like things better dainty and now my flower crown is absurdly humongous. (Photos will come when… my friend finishes editing them and sends them over XD)

Planning to make more, reasonably-sized flower crowns now that I’m armed with the confidence that I can.

Discussing the latest X-Men film and its gloriously frustrating continuity errors with fellow Marvel geeks.

Sampling the DC food truck scene and finding favorites.

Currently loving Crêpes Parfait, which is just adorable and delicious.

Settling on a new apartment so that I can cut my commute time down and spend more time with friends.

Welcoming my brother back from his first year in college.

Feels-ing everywhere over the season finales for Once Upon a Time and Hannibal.

Attempting to finish writing my Eurotrip blogs before my 2014 summer family vacation.

… Failing to finish all of those posts in time.

Preparing for my summer trip (and for disappointing you all with how delayed those posts come up ;P)

Deciding on a new watch to buy as a big-girl/working-girl gift to myself.

Declaring my current favorite Trader Joe’s salad to be the broccoli slaw & kale with chicken and dried cranberries.

Putting off baring my legs or arms (and shaving…) despite the ever-climbing temperatures.

Fuming about the Isla Vista shooting and some of the misdirected responses. (I will be writing about my thoughts on this soon, but I need some time to properly articulate how I feel in a way that is conducive to people being able to digest it easily.)

Enjoying my new domain name and my new business cards (unrelated to each other but both make me feel like the real deal).

Dreading going back to work after this week and a half vacation…

Appreciating hot water and electricity after a storm knocked them both out.


There you have it, a cute little update, inspired by Stephanie Pellet’s “Lately” posts over on Life in Limbo.

What are you currently doing/feeling/[insert verb]-ing?