Short hiatus

Hey guys,

So I can’t accurately predict when my next post will go up. It could be tomorrow but it could be weeks or months from now. A lot of things are just moving around and I find it hard to even find time to get on my computer and write or catch up on shows or anything like that.

While normally, I’d blog to relieve stress, thinking about how much I want to share with you guys and knowing I don’t have the time to do it is not really as relaxing as I thought it’d be…

I’ll be back though! I’ve been blogging for over half my life now; there’s no leaving now.

Posts that I promised in my last post are still coming, and I may have a recap of my upcoming trip to New York and a review for Guardians of the Galaxy but I just have to ask for even more patience than I’ve already been granted.

I’ll still be reading your posts and I’ll probably be using Twitter a bit more than I used to, since it is a lot less work to crank out 140 characters.

See ya when I see ya.

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