Feast (2014)

Before I tell you guys about Big Hero 6, which I got to see last week at a groovy early screening, I really want to talk to you guys about Disney’s newest animated short: Feast.

Feast stars this adorable pup:

This cutie is Winston! He has a beautifully adorable appetite.

What the teaser doesn’t show is that this isn’t just a short about a dog who loves to eat. It’s also about his bystander perspective on the love story involving the kind man who takes him home one day.

I felt such an intense roller coaster of emotions watching Feast. Maybe it’s because I was just so darn excited to see both this short and the feature. I laughed, I cried. (No really, there were tears.)

What I really loved about Feast was just how much they were able to communicate in the background. Winston and his appetite is the main story, but the love story going on while he eats is told so beautifully and simply. The animation was great, too.

Really did a great job of setting the mood for the feature, Big Hero 6. I can’t wait to share my thoughts about BH6 with you.

You can catch Feast before Big Hero 6 in theaters this Friday.